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Automatic Mineral Water Bottle Filling Machine

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News and Events

  • Sunswell joins hands with Angolan customers again

    Two years ago, Angolan customer Berosil Industrial ordered a bottled water production line from Sunswell, including injection molding, bottle blowing machine, filling machine, conveyor, sleeve labeling machine and film packing machine, as well as related auxiliary equipment.

  • Talking Something about Beer Production Line

    In our daily life, whether we go out to eat or eat at home, whether it is winter or summer, we generally drink some beer, and beer has now become a part of our lives. So, naturally, there are more and more beer production lines. Now let's see how beer is produced! The raw materials for beer producti

  • Waiting for "you" in the wind and rain

    Since 2022, the global Covid-19 situation is still seriously, and the Internatonal trade environment is still not good ! Domestically, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places were blocked, so the ports and terminals were unable to deliver goods. After three months, finally at the end of May, our three Wa

  • Theoretical basis for determining valve diameter of semi-fluid material filling -- Anti-drip design

    Semi-fluid refers to the fluid material with the viscosity range of 1000-10000mPa ·s. When filling this kind of the material, often because of the filling valve diameter selection is not reasonable and the situation of leakage, which not only affects the filling accuracy, but also cause pollution.

  • 2000L per Hour Full Automatic CIP Station Ready for Shipping

    We just finish manufacturing one set of full automatic single loop CIP system which has 3 pcs 2000L tanks and 18m3 CIP feeding pump, 20m3 CIP return pump.Now this machine already be packed and ready for loading into container. We believe that this machine will serve customer in the best state and lo

  • Good news from the US market

    Since the end of March, the new crown virus of Omicron has swept Shanghai, and Shanghai has begun to close the city. It has also seriously affected the normal production and life of cities around Shanghai. Everything slows down. Logistics was blocked, raw materials could not come in, products could

  • Aluminum Can Depalletizer at Sunswell Machinery

    Depalletizer workflow and principlesHydraulic car put the whole stack bottles into unstacking station (hydraulic lift table)Nursing bottle cylinder starts, cover entire stack bottles from three sides.Hydraulic lifts start, hold the board rise to a certain height crib.Folder separator cylinder starts

  • Carbonated Beverage Filling Machinery

    Nowadays, carbonated beverages are deeply loved by the public, such as Coca-Cola, Sprite and other beverages containing CO2, and carbonated filling machines are also indispensable equipment in beverage production and an important branch of the filling machine industry. Recently, we have provided car

  • Sunswell keeps running in the face of the war and the epidemic

    2022 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The Covid-19 has ravaged the world for 3 years, but it still has not disappeared. The war between Russia and Ukraine does not see the dawn of an end! All these have delayed and hindered the progress of our trading work. But even if there are many diffic

  • Filling precision analysis of high tank

    1. Filling principle of high tank.The filling principle of the high tank is to use the constant pressure generated by the constant liquid level relative to the outlet position of the filling tube. When the pressure is constant, the liquid flow rate at the outlet of the filling tube is constant. As t

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