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Automatic Mineral Water Bottle Filling Machine

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News and Events

  • 12000BPH(1L) CSD Line Successfully Installed in Kazakhstan

    “ZBN Vizit” LLP is a typical carbonated soft drink bottler located in Shymkent, the biggest city of South Kazakhstan.

  • Water treatment From Sunswell

    Treatment for drinking water production involves the removal of contaminants and/or inactivation of any potentially harmful microbes from raw water to produce water that is pure enough for human consumption without any short term or long term risk of any adverse health effect. In general terms, the

  • Preform Electrostatic Dust Removal System

    It has been more than 2,600 years since the phenomenon of electrostatic attraction was discovered, and the basic electrostatic theory has become the theoretical basis of modern electrostatic dust removal technology, less than a hundred years ago. In recent decades, due to economic development and

  • 18000CPH CSD Canning Line to Turkey

    Turkey is a country spanning the two continents of Asia and Europe, bordering the Black Sea to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Syria and Iraq to the southeast, the Aegean Sea to the west, Greece and Bulgaria to the east, and Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran to the east. . Turkey'

  • Liquid Detergent Bottling Line Order From South America

    Recently, we received a new order which is for liquid detergent filling and packaging use. This line includes bottle buffering & feeding table, high precise linear servo control filling machine, linear cap screwing machine, cap elevator, inkjet dater printer, double sides labeling machine, automatic

  • Sunswell Helps U.S. Customer Improve Line Automation

    Three years ago, a customer from New York, USA purchased a 1500BPH (1gallon) water filling line from Sunswell, including automatic blow molding machine, three-in-one filling machine, labeling machine, conveying system, air compressor and other auxiliary equipment.

  • Carbon Mixer (15°C Carbonation) By Sunswell

    Our mixer is an advanced online automatic mass flow mixer, can automatically detect and accurately adjust, it reduce precision error from traditional manual deployment and save the deployment system cost, especially for high speed continuous production line, and can be combined with the associated e

  • Shipping to Panama to Create Value

    After more than half a year of production racing against the epidemic, we finally completed and shipped at the beginning of July. Very thanks for client’s understanding and patient waiting. This order includes 21000BPH 370ml carbonated filling machine and 1T/hr CIP. Real pictures as below for refere

  • Tray Packer at Sunswell

    Tray Packer suit for beverage, drinking water,beer wine and infusion bottle ect. packaging,which can be packed without tray and with a firm and beautiful appearance.

  • Theoretical basis for determining valve diameter of semi-fluid material filling -- Anti-drip design 

    Semi-fluid refers to the fluid material with the viscosity range of 1000-10000mPa ·s. When filling this kind of the material, often because of the filling valve diameter selection is not reasonable and the situation of leakage, which not only affects the filling accuracy, but also cause pollution.

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