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Automatic Mineral Water Bottle Filling Machine

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News and Events

  • Order from another customer Costa Rican customer

    Sunswell has been deeply involved in the Costa Rica market for many years. Currently, there are 6 production lines supplied by Sunswell in operation. Sunswell's brand already has a certain degree of popularity in Costa Rica.

  • Injection Molding Machine From Sunswell

    Injection molding machines have a wide range of applications,Plastic products such as automotive interiors,exteriors,plastic pipe futtings,home appliance casings,plastic products for the toy industry and house hold daily use,fruit baskets,trash cans,etc.

  • What is NFC juice? Is it really healthier?

    Summer is the season for drinking beverages. A friend around me asked me, 'What is NFC juice and is it healthier than other drinks? Today, I will introduce everyone to NFC juice.

  • Cold Fill Laban Milk Filling line to Bangladesh

    Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is located on the delta formed by the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers in the northeast of the South Asian subcontinent. It borders India on the east, west and north, Myanmar on the southeast, and the Bay of Bengal on the south. This time, the Bangladesh client purchas

  • Installation and commissioning for water bottling line finished in Tanzania

    In the past June, Sunswell just finish installing and commission for our Tanzania client. For this client, we provide full automatic complete water bottling line which is including water treatment system, high pressure and low pressure air system, bottle blowing machine, water filling capping machi

  • Fully automatic labeling machine helps old customer to automate production line

    Aquanissi Spring Water Volcanic Water, S.A, one of Sunswell old customers, is located in Costa Rica. Aquanissi ever purchased a 7000BPH water filling line including 3-in-1 filling machine, automatic film shrink wrapper from Sunswell to replace their old linear filler. In the past six years, the eff

  • High Speed Liquid nitrogen doser in Sunswell

    Sunswell Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machine is the latest liquid nitrogen dosing machine in China which uses the similar machines abroad for reference. It could control dosing volume accurately, no-container-no-liquid dosing, small size, easy installation and could coordinate with any filling production

  • Cause Analysis on Position and Dimension Out-of-tolerance of Blowing Machine’s Frame

    The mold frame is the key component of the bottle blowing machine and one of the core components of the beverage packaging machinery. The frame is a key part used to support and guide the moving and fixed die moving parts of the bottle blowing machine die frame, and its machining accuracy directly a

  • Why should you buy an oil filling machine

    If you run a food or beverage business, a quality oil filling machine can be a great help. What is the function of the filling machine? What are the advantages of oil filling machine? l What is the purpose of the oil filling machine?l What are the advantages of a filling machine?l How does the filli

  • Why is water filling machine popular

    Why has the water filling machine been popular with the food industry since it was invented? What are the characteristics of the water filling machine? What are the advantages of using a irrigator? l What is a water filling machine?l How does the water filling machine work?l What are the advantages

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