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Automatic Mineral Water Bottle Filling Machine

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News and Events

  • Two containers shipped to Kazakhstan

    Just after Chinese New Year holidays, two containers of equipment were shipped to Kazakstan by train.

  • Sunswell Provides Excellent Mold Quality

    Plastic injection molding is the process of heating raw material to its melting point, forcing the viscous material into a mold, and allowing it to cool into a hardened shape. Injection molded parts are used in virtually every product you encounter, from electronics to housewares to automotive to fo

  • Requirements of the Screw Mechanism

    In modern industrial society, with the prosperity of consumption, in daily necessities, food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries, enterprises need to use new science and technology to improve productivity and create more value, and the delivery conveyor can be quantitative and smooth transport

  • How to install and debug the filling machine

    1. Installation of filling machine According to the different models and specifications of the filling machine, refer to the accompanying manual for installation. For the small filling machine, it is not required to build a foundation, it only needs to be installed on a flat workshop floor, lay a ho

  • New Order from Kazakhstan

    Sunswell has cultivated the Kazakhstan market for many years. Among them, many large production line projects have been made, and it has a certain brand influence in the local area. Therefore, more and more customers find Sunswell to seek cooperation, including some new entrants.

  • Nitrogen Dosing Machine in Sunswell

    This equipment is used in two piece aluminum can and PET Bottle to strength aluminum cans & bottles.Features:- No can, no dosing, reduce the waste of nitrogen. With detector to adjust the speed.- Vacuum isolate protect to reduce the running cost.- Nozzle protecting device, avoid ice phenomenon.- Liq

  • Volumetric Filler/Seamer with Electronic Float Valve For Aluminum Cans

    It is used for filling beer or beverages (such as soda, beer, etc.) containing CO2 gas in cans. The filling valve adopts float ball measuring cylinder type electronic pneumatic valve, which is also the most advanced technology in the world for aluminum can carbonated filling. It adopts float ball me

  • 12000BPH(1L) CSD Line Successfully Installed in Kazakhstan

    “ZBN Vizit” LLP is a typical carbonated soft drink bottler located in Shymkent, the biggest city of South Kazakhstan.

  • Water treatment From Sunswell

    Treatment for drinking water production involves the removal of contaminants and/or inactivation of any potentially harmful microbes from raw water to produce water that is pure enough for human consumption without any short term or long term risk of any adverse health effect. In general terms, the

  • Preform Electrostatic Dust Removal System

    It has been more than 2,600 years since the phenomenon of electrostatic attraction was discovered, and the basic electrostatic theory has become the theoretical basis of modern electrostatic dust removal technology, less than a hundred years ago. In recent decades, due to economic development and

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