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Talking Something about Beer Production Line

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In our daily life, whether we go out to eat or eat at home, whether it is winter or summer, we generally drink some beer, and beer has now become a part of our lives. So, naturally, there are more and more beer production lines. Now let's see how beer is produced!

The raw materials for beer production are rice and malt, so we have to process the malt first.


                                        Beer fermentation equipment

Malting process:

Raw barley → roughing (removing impurities, stone and iron) → selection (removing miscellaneous grains and damaged grains) → grading (below 2.2mm for feed) → dipping → germination (through temperature and humidity regulation air) → green malt → Drying and coking→root removal→finished malt

Beer Craft:

Rice and malt → crushing of raw materials → gelatinization → saccharification → wort filtration → wort boiling → hop addition → cyclotron precipitation → cooling → fermentation → post-fermentation (mature) → wine filtering →

Filling → Fresh Beer


↘ Sterilization → Filling → Cooked Beer

For packaging beer, there are generally two types: aluminum can or glass bottle.


Aluminum cans have two macro consumption trends: convenience and discovery. Aluminum cans are lighter, more durable, easier to transport, and allow use in more places than glass bottles. Aluminum cans also offer consumers the ability to experiment with new brands or styles without having to commit to the volume and price of standard-format beverages.

Not only that, the concept of environmental protection has become increasingly popular in the world in the past two years. The concept of environmental protection and low-carbon consumption will lead to canned beer products occupying the minds of consumers on a large scale. Looking at the time course of the world's beer packaging forms and evolution, it can be predicted that canned beer and bottled beer will keep pace with each other within five years.

Of course, Sunswell can provide both glass bottled beer production line and aluminum canned beer production based on customers’s request.


                               Glass bottled beer filling machinery


                                Aluminum canned beer filling machinery

We believe that seeing these above should have a general understanding of our beer production line!

Sunswell is committed to providing solutions for 4000BPH-36000BPH beer production lines. Welcome to contact us if any idea or request.

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