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Tray Packer at Sunswell

Views: 0     Author: Bruce     Publish Time: 2022-08-22      Origin: Site

Tray Packer suit for beverage, drinking water,beer wine and infusion bottle ect. packaging,which can be packed without tray and with a firm and beautiful appearance.


Main Features

Serve control technology can maintain the mechanism of precise synchronization of advanced, reliable delivery.

The heating box, reasonable structure, heat insulation, high precision of temperature control.
Supporting German Siemens, Germany P+F, Japan SMC, Italy motorcycle Rio, the world's most advanced control
System components, equipment, stable operation.Mechanical transmission components using after heat treatment of stainless steel or carbon steel and other materials; spraying the surface quality,The antirust performance.


Machine Details:



Sunswell Machinery have more than 10 more years experience in Filling&Packing ,if you have any requirements or questions, feel free to contact us!

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