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Sunswell joins hands with Angolan customers again

Views: 0     Author: George     Publish Time: 2022-08-09      Origin: Site

Two years ago, Angolan customer Berosil Industrial ordered a bottled water production line from Sunswell, including injection molding, bottle blowing machine, filling machine, conveyor, sleeve labeling machine and film packing machine, as well as related auxiliary equipment.


Recently the customer decided to upgrade some of their other product lines. Therefore, they negotiated with Sunswell again about the purchase of new equipment. After in-depth technical and business exchanges, the customer decided to order a set of 5-gallon blow molder, 5L blow molding machine, film shrink wrapper, air compressor and other related auxiliary machines from Sunswell. The new 5-gallon blow molding machine will be used to blow PET 5-gallon bottles with handles that are BPA free and meet consumer health requirements. The 5L automatic blow molding machine will use servo mold clamping, which is more stable and reliable. The 5L bottle blowing machine will be designed for customers' 38-neck 74-gram preforms to meet customers' special requirements. The film wrapping machine ordered will be specially customized for the customer's 5L bottle.


Sunswell will always be committed to serving old customers well.

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