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PET Container Design

Perfect brand image with individualised PET bottles

As soon as the project's goal and direction have been defined, the actual creative work will begin: first, we make an overall design concept, which merges with different design suggestions. Because we always like to do more than what is required, we also develop one or the other unexpected idea. Let our drafts surprise you!

Photo-realistic rendering and animated 3D views will give you a first overall impression of how the bottle will look later on. Visualisations of different design, colour, and decoration variants will show you the application possibilities of this concept right away. 

In order to be able to find that out, the bottles have to undergo a very strict test course at our technical centre. Here, the bottles to be tested will not get away with anything: The comprehensive lab tests cover the entire range of stress types the bottle has to be able to withstand during production, during transport, and during consumption. And, of course, we will only hand over bottles to you which have met the test with excellence!

In addition, there are many other factors which have an effect on a bottle's stability and toughness, for example:
 Properties of the product to be filled
 Filling temperature
 Interior bottle pressure
 Base and shoulder design of the bottle
 Material distribution
 Preform weight

Luckily, our designers have the knowhow for considering these factors already during the design process. Because it doesn't do any good if a bottle just looks good but is not functional.
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