Hot Melt Glue Opp Labeling Machine

3-in-1 combiblock, combined with blowing, filling and capping. It is innovated and designed in the requirement of still pure water and mineral water, which avoids friction of bottles during air conveying and helps reducing bottle weight to reduce cost.

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Container forms have become diverse and labels are now used for many types of containers such as plastic, glass or metallic ones. When using labels, illustrations and logos are printed on the reverse side of a film. Labels are very effective for enhancing a products appeal, since the whole label can be used to display the design.

  Item Brand
Inverte Danfoss
2 Servo motor B&R
3 Main motor SEW
4 Label sensor SICK 
5 Detection sensor (for reflection) Leuze
6 Switching power supply Datla
7 Load switch Schneider
8 Emergency stop Schneider
9 Encoder Kubler/Nemicon
10 Label anti-deviation system Erhardt+Leimer


  • Structure ensures accuracy

    Solo ONE independent main bearing system with concentric supports driving the up and down turnplates. No locking of supports & easy adjustment of turnplate heights avoids affecting the accuracy. A simple input on the HMI will be sufficient to adjust the height of the upper turn-plate (driven by the motor on the top) to increase the working efficiency. No manual unlocking and locking is required. And the labeling accuracy is ensured.

    Separated heating units are easy for change-over.

    The cage shaped roller frame avoids inaccuracy due to the fabrication error. 

    Separated labeling wheel improves the labeling accuracy and saves the cost of change-over parts.

    Integrated cutting unit: no spare parts. No need to change knives for different label sizes. not welded or assembled. It is fabricated in the Mazak CNC center, the fabrication accuracy is 0.005 mm. If the accuracy is not good, the active and passive knives may collide and you may need to change the knives frequently.

    The cage shaped knife frame is integratedly fabricated. The structure is compact and the operation is accurate.

  • No scratch on PET bottles

    The traditional nylon infeed screw has been replaced by the scratch-free infeed system made of 6 mm well polished SUS 304. No scratch is to be made on the PET bottle, and these parts are durable for life while the nylon screw may need to be changed when it gets worn.

  • Glue supply system

    Integrated (not welded or assembled) glue tank fabricated by the Mazak CNC ensures stable temperature in the tank, which avoids carbon deposit at the corners. It is easy to do the cleaning. There is a risk that the welded part get broken under the continuously high temperature operation (which is up to 170 degree for heating the glue). but you do not take any risk with our integrated glue tank. 

    The traditional gear glue pump is replaced by the new motor-free glue supply unit. The optimized structure reduces the maintenance cost.
    Integrated glue supplying system is not equipped with glue supply pipes. The compact structure reduces the heat dissipation area and the operation cost.

    Glue roller with high temperature oil circuit

    The glue roller is also intergrated, fabricated in our MAZAK CNC center, with accuracy within 0.005 mm, avoids thermal deformation and ensure operation accuracy. While the glue rollers for other labelers in the market are welded and assembled, with accuracy 10 times less than ours. If the accuracy is not good, part of the labels may not be stuck with glue.

    There is high temperature oil circuit inside our glue roller to keep the high temperature of the glue so as to ensure smooth glue application. 

  • Durable and accurate cutting system

    Accurate knives with 4 cutting edges integrated in a SUS. cutting drum. Knife deivation within 0.005mm. When one edge is worn, the other 3 edges can be used. 

    Efficient bottle changeover

    The operator only needs to change the infeed starwheel, central guiding rail, holders, belt roller, label drum and outfeed starwheel. There is no need to change the parts under the holders because we have replaced the driving gears with a belt.

    Instead of having many gears under the supporting board to drive the labeling machine, we have applied a belt over the supporting board. It is easy to check and replace the belt. The operation and maintenance efficiency is increased.

  • 1 knife = 4 knives

    No need to change knives for different labels. The knives are for all labels of height less than 12 cm.

    The 4 edges of Sunswell knife can be used for cutting. When 1 edge is worn, just need to change to another edge of the knife. No need to change to another knife. This helps to reduce the management cost.

  • Energy-saving & easy to maintain

    Radial contactless air distribution system reduces the power consumption and is easy for maintenance.

    Independent vacuum supply system reduces the power of the vacuum pump and produces less noise.

    The system’s driving efficiency is increased without gear in the labeling station, which reduces motor power and saves cost.

    Label anti-deviation system makes sure the label is horizontal before being cut. Guarantees the labeling accuracy.

    Speed control: with automatic speed control mechanism.

    With stainless-steel coated on the whole machine.


System Name Brand Origin
Transmission Gear Motor Sew Germany
Servo Motor Lenze Germany
Air Compressed Brake Steki Taiwan, China
Torque Limiter Steki Germany
Timing Belt (Seamless) Rw Italy
Air Compressed Brake Sit Germany
Key Bearing Ina/Fag Germany
Slewing Bearing Schmersal Germany
High Pressure Airway (0.01Um) Precision Filter Walker UK
(1Um) Precision Filter Walker UK
Proportional Valve Lanny Germany
High Pressure Valve Unit Eugen Seitz Switzerland
Safety valve Goetze Germany
Dew-Point Instrument GE USA
High Pressure Airway Ionic Gas Control Meech UK


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