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Water treatment From Sunswell

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Treatment for drinking water production involves the removal of contaminants and/or inactivation of any potentially harmful microbes from raw water to produce water that is pure enough for human consumption without any short term or long term risk of any adverse health effect. In general terms, the greatest microbial risks are associated with ingestion of water that is contaminated with human or animal (including bird) faeces. Faeces can be a source of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, protozoa and helminths. The removal or destruction of microbial pathogens is essential, and commonly involves the use of reactive chemical agents such as suspended solids to remove bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, and minerals including iron and manganese.


Flow Chart of Working Procedure

Flocculent Dosing

Raw water tank→ Raw water pump →Multi-media filter → Carbon filter → Precision filter(5u)


Safety filter(1u)→ High Pressure pump → Reverse Osmosis →Pure water tank→ Boosting Pump  → Ozone Tower  → Boosting pump → UV sterilizer  → Titanium Filter → Filling

Ozone Generator


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