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Good news from the US market

Views: 0     Author: George     Publish Time: 2022-07-28      Origin: Site


Since the end of March, the new crown virus of Omicron has swept Shanghai, and Shanghai has begun to close the city. It has also seriously affected the normal production and life of cities around Shanghai. Everything slows down. Logistics was blocked, raw materials could not come in, products could not be sent out, and the market was shrouded in pessimism.


In this dire situation, Sunswell is still forging ahead. With a good reputation and excellent product quality, Sunswell won an order from a customer in Pennsylvania, USA at the end of March. The order includes fully automatic blow molding machine as well as auxiliary equipment such as air compressors and chiller. This blow molding machine is mainly used for blowing 3L and 1 gallon cooking oil bottles, and can be compatible with blowing 1.5L bottles. In addition, the customer also ordered a wrap-around carton packing machine. According to customer needs, the carton packing machine needs to be compatible with a variety of bottle types from 1L to 4L. As long as you make a request, Sunswell will try its best to meet and provide personalized and customized services. The customer also customized the conveyor system for the connection between the existing equipment


The epidemic cannot stop Sunswell's progress, and Sunwell's services will not stop. We will do more

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