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Automatic Cap and Fill Level Detecting Machine in SUNSWELL

Views: 0     Author: Bruce     Publish Time: 2024-01-05      Origin: Site


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Level Detecting Machine

SUNSWELL Cap & Fill Level Detection equipment adopts CCD visual detecting, DSP image processing technology, multi-sensor information fusion, precise positioning for high-speed moving object, multi-level optical reflection imaging and wavelet neural network detection technology, etc. It can detect the defects such as high/low level, high cap, cocked cap, broken ring, pinched ring, cap absence, etc. This system can be compatible and optional with multi-sensor detection program according to customer’s needs.

Industrial intelligent quality inspection system module

The image processing system software with all independent intellectual property rights is used to accurately detect, identify and analyze products, and reject defective products. It also has leading self-learning and self-diagnosis functions, and is easy to adjust and maintain. The system has perfect data statistics management and other functions to realize precise control of the production process and ensure product quality.

Cap detection module

The cap detection function module consists of three high-resolution CCD area scan cameras, three high-definition industrial lenses and three LED light sources. Each array camera is placed 120 degrees apart from each other to capture images from the corresponding angle. Used to detect bottle cap defects, such as cap presence, high cap, crooked cap, missing top cap, cracked anti-theft ring, curled cap, lettered cap, no lettered cap, missing anti-theft cap pull ring, anti-theft ring lifted, bottle cap color error and other defects; the schematic diagram of the image and defect processing results is as follows:

Cap detection module

Our detection machine has an Internet of online system, and the data can be browsed online. The speed can reach up to 2,000 cans/bottles per minute. If you have any interesting feel free to contact us!

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