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Aluminum Can Depalletizer at Sunswell Machinery

Views: 0     Author: Bruce     Publish Time: 2022-07-18      Origin: Site


Depalletizer workflow and principles

  • Hydraulic car put the whole stack bottles into unstacking station (hydraulic lift table)

  • Nursing bottle cylinder starts, cover entire stack bottles from three sides.

  • Hydraulic lifts start, hold the board rise to a certain height crib.

  • Folder separator cylinder starts, Spacer clip Tightly clamp the Partition.

  • Bottle holding cylinder in the Transfer mechanism starts, clamping the whole layer of the bottles from four sides, Moving in parallel to an outlet conveyor belt.

  • Bottle holding cylinder reset, and bottle clamp release, bottles flow into conveyor belt, translation agencies reset.

  • Do the same procedure until the last layer, Hydraulic lifts plate fell to the ground plane.

  • Hydraulic car Remove the empty pallet.

  • Repeat above actions.



Appliance scope

For various metal cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles for layered depalletizing.

Our production range From 6000CPH to 72000CPH.

Feel Fee to contact us if have any interested !  


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