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2000L per Hour Full Automatic CIP Station Ready for Shipping

Views: 0     Author: Sam     Publish Time: 2022-07-28      Origin: Site


We just finish manufacturing one set of full automatic single loop CIP system which has 3 pcs 2000L tanks and 18m3 CIP feeding pump, 20m3 CIP return pump.

Now this machine already be packed and ready for loading into container. We believe that this machine will serve customer in the best state and look forward to cooperating with this customer on other machines.

Below are descriptions of this system:

The acid or alkali tanks are used to store acid or alkali cleaning solutions respectively. The components and concentration of the cleaning solution can be prepared according to the cleaning process requirements. Among them, the addition of acid or alkali is automatic addition, and the concentration detection is automatic operation. Then, the alkaline cleaning solution is heated to the required temperature through plate heat exchanger. The tank is equipped with a temperature measuring thermometer, which can display the temperature in the corresponding storage tank. The storage tank is an atmospheric container, made of stainless-steel plate and sanitary head, and an output interface is provided under the tank body.


The liquid storage tank adopts a circular structure, and the inlet and outlet pipes are made of stainless-steel sanitary pipes. Taking into account the requirements of food industry hygiene, all the parts in contact with the liquid are made of stainless steel SUS304.


The seals on all pipeline valves are made of silicone rubber ring, which has sufficient elasticity, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and good sealing performance.


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