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YRGF Series Aluminum Can Filling Machine

Application: soda water, juice, tea, energy drinks, beer, carbonated drinks, beer, etc.

Suitable for: aluminum can, pop can and PET can

Filling system: gravity or isobaric filling

Production capacity: 2,000CPH – 36,000CPH (500ml)

It is suitable for filling and seaming non-carbonated liquid such as water, juice, functional beverage, etc. It is equipped the advanced device, electrical equipment, and pneumatic control technology. It has the characteristics of filling reposefully, high speed, liquid level control, seaming reliably, frequency conversion timing, less material loss. It is the preferred equipment for beverage plants.



  • Wholly sealed widow structure which is beautiful, concise, easy and highly operated;

  • Product tank design with precision polishing inside;

  • High precision and large flow rate filling valves to meet productive requirement;

  • Specially designed roller structure which is easy to be adjusted, locked and ensure sealing function;

  • Friendly and convenient operating panel with high expansibility.

Working Procedure

Cans will be pushed into can holding platform one by one by feeding screw and star-wheel. Centering cup of filling valve will fall to can; the distance between filling valves and cans is sealed by springiness plastic ring. The movement of centering cup is generated by plastic idler wheel along curvilinear motion. After filled, valve will be closed and centering cup will rise from the can. Filled can will be sent to conveyor chain, then to seamer. Seamer will take lid, turn over the edge of can and turn the edge to finish the sealing action by the control of cam. After that can will be transferred to conveying system.

Main features

1) Wholly sealed widow structure which is beautiful, concise, easy and highly operated;

2) Cycling tank design with precision polishing inside;

3) High precision and large flow rate filling valves to meet productive requirement;

4) Specially designed roller structure which is easy to be adjusted, locked and ensure sealing function;

5) Friendly and convenient operating panel with high expansibility.

6) The filling valve adopts high precision mechanism valve, fast speed filling, high precision liquid level.

7) The filling vat adopts SUS304 material designed sealing vat, to achieve constant pressure filling.

8) Main transmission adopts toothed belt and gearbox open-type transmission assemblies, high efficiency, low noise.

9) The main drive adopts step-less speed change for frequency conversion, the whole machine adopts PLC control; the capping machine and filling machine adopt coupling joint, to ensure synchronization of two machines.

10) With filling with can, no filling without can.

11) The filling manner is constant pressure filling, with fast filling speed and stable action.

12) Seaming trolley adopts high hardness alloy steel quench (HRC>62), capping curve adopts projection grinder precision machining, to ensure the quality of capping.

13) With capping with can, no capping without can control system, to ensure the normal running of the machine.

14) With CIP automatic rinsing function.

15) With centralized lubrication system.

Can Infeed

Cans divide into fixed intervals through screw to can infeed dial wheel, then enter into filling machine. After filling, cans are transported to the capping machine through the tank device. By two curling, capping is completed. Cans are sent into the can outfeed dial wheel and transmitted to can outfeed belt, then sent to the next process (or equipment).


Filling machine components mainly consist of filling cylinder, turntable, filling valve, lifting devices, upper and lower distributor, star wheel device, screw transmission device and main liquid pipe, etc.

Filling valve mainly consists of valve seat, spool, valve sleeve, middle sleeve,spring and air pipe, etc. The interior streamlined design ensures that there is no sanitary corner; built-in mechanical, stable and reliable performance, low maintenance costs.


Stainless steel body, washable

Can sealing machine mainly consists of the upper part of the machine, the lower part of the machine, under the cover device, motor drive, hydraulic system and other components.

This model type of sealing machine with a filling machine drive, The cans coming out from the can outfeed dial wheel of the filling machine are infed in a free order at the beginning and through a period of chain acceleration to make the tank reach the correct pitch feed tank side belts, in order to prevent the overflow of the liquid in the tank, the tank must have a certain range of adjustment for the delivery of the dial on the side belt of the tank. When each can passes through the canister to detect the proximity switch, the proximity switch is actuated. At this time, the cylinder (makes the lid cutter on the lid retract, a can lid is removed from the lid stack, and is carried by the lid transfer turret under the capping head, before the cap can reach the capping device together with the cap, the cap can be accurately positioned through the cap transfer and the sealing star wheel swivel, and then when the cap arrives, the cap supporting platform accurately lifts the can to the cap’s position.

At this moment, the lid is pushed by the lid to press the lid onto the top of the tank. When the can is clamped between the tray can holder and the capping head, the lids start to rotate together, and the capping operation begins. Two flanging rollers complete the crimping.

The lid rod pushes the can away from the capping head, and at the same time, the tank star wheel pushes the sealed cans out of the can sealer and puts the cans onto the conveyor belt of the can table.

Hydraulic system of can sealing machine    

Hydraulic system of can sealing machine mainly realize the lifting of the rack of can sealing machine. The hydraulic includes manual hydraulic pump, reversing valve and two working oil cylinders.

Manual hydraulic pump is the power source, when operating, the manual force acts on the pressure rod to drive the plunger to reciprocate, and generates the pressure of the oil. The pressure oil enters two working oil cylinder at the same time through the reversing valve. When asked the rack to lift, the pressure oil enters the bottom of working cylinders through the reversing valve, to promote the piston of cylinder move upward, the rack also slowly rises to reach the required height, if the direction of the reversing valve is changed, the rack will fall automatically.

Can Outfeed

Nylon wheel and conveyor belt cooperate output cans. Conveyor motor uses frequency control of motor speed, which keeps pace with the 2-1 machine.

Rack part

Rack is welded by high quality carbon steel, Antirust processing and spray surface. The surface is covered by the SUS304.

Electronic control system part

The electronic components like PLC and transducer are from Mitsubishi, Omron, etc., The pneumatic devices are also from international famous brand.

Equipment structure

  • Rack

  • Rotary filler

  • Rotary seamer

  • Aluminum infeed and outfeed system

  • Control

Main composition

  • PLC                            Mitsubishi

  • Main motor                   ABB

  • Pneumatic component          Airtac

  • Touch screen                Proface

  • Inverter                   Mitsubishi

  • Breaker                       Siemens or Schneider

  • Contactor                         Siemens or Schneider

  • Proximity switch            Sick

  • Photoelectric switch       Sick

  • Lubrication bearing         Igus








Capacity (CPH/330ml)







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