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Volumetric Filler/Seamer with Electronic Float Valve For Aluminum Cans

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It is used for filling beer or beverages (such as soda, beer, etc.) containing CO2 gas in cans. The filling valve adopts float ball measuring cylinder type electronic pneumatic valve, which is also the most advanced technology in the world for aluminum can carbonated filling. It adopts float ball measuring cylinder type constant volume filling, the filling process is controlled by electronic valve, and the filling capacity is constant.



There are some advantages of electronic float valve compared common valve:

1) High filling accuracy

* Adopt float ball measuring cylinder constant volume, and the filling accuracy is high

* Isobaric/normal pressure dual-purpose filling

2) High degree of intelligence

* The filling capacity can be adjusted online without stopping, it can be adjusted as a whole, or it can be adjusted by a single valve

* Filling steps can be set: replacement or replacement time can be set, water blowing or not or water blowing time can be set, filling station can be set

* The formula can be pre-stored. For a certain can type or a certain wine variety, the set formula can be pre-stored and used directly in the next production

* Wine (sugar), CIP automatic control

3) High degree of humanization

* Short line change time, electric lift, no need to replace mechanical parts (only when the can height is changed)

* Filling time, replenishment time, and liquid feeding into the measuring cylinder are displayed on the touch screen in real time

* The production status can be monitored remotely

4) Low cost

* Low cost of spare parts, few wear parts, only one mechanical cam

* High degree of equipment automation, saving staffing

5) Others

* The whole is beautiful and easy to clean, and the parts above the platen are all made of stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance

* The machine is equipped with cleaning cup. The higher the pressure of the cleaning cup, the better the sealing performance, easy installation and good sealing performance

* Safety: The equipment is equipped with a series of safety devices and safety protection


If you have higher requirements for filling, welcome to conatct us. Sunswell with more than 10 years’ experience, devotes to manufacturing equipments according to clients’ request.


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