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Sunswell Helps U.S. Customer Improve Line Automation

Views: 0     Author: George     Publish Time: 2022-09-15      Origin: Site


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Three years ago, a customer from New York, USA purchased a 1500BPH (1gallon) water filling line from Sunswell, including automatic blow molding machine, three-in-one filling machine, labeling machine, conveying system, air compressor and other auxiliary equipment.


For the past three years, the filling line provided by Sunswell has maintained a stable operation in good condition, escorting the customer to maintain a stable market. However, the manual palletizing method and high labor cost in the final packaging have become less and less able to meet customer needs. There is an urgent need to improve the automation of the production line. The Customer is  impressed by the good performance of Sunswell equipment. Therefore, they found Sunswell again for a design to improve fully automatic palletizing. The customer's product packaging form is 6-pack of shrink film packaging. In order to maintain the firmness of the full pallet, the customer requires different layers to be arranged in different directions. According to the customer's requirements, Sunswell customized the servo palletizing solution for the customer, so that the direction of the cases can be turned. Sunswell's professional solution was quickly recognized by the customer, and the two parties immediately signed a contract for a complete palletizing system, including a fully automatic in-line pallet stretch wrapper.



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