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CIP order from Saudi Arabia clients

Views: 0     Author: Sam     Publish Time: 2022-07-06      Origin: Site


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One month ago, we received a 2 ton per hour single loop automatic CIP station order from Saudi Arabia. Now the CIP station is taking shape:



This equipment is mainly composed of alkaline, acid storage tank, hot water tank, and centrifugal pump, return pump, etc. It can repeatedly circulate and rinse the inside of the specified equipment, which has the function of cleaning and sterilization.it is mainly used for the cleaning and sterilization of water filling machines and processing equipment. It can also be used for equipment with hygienic requirements, such as low-pressure fluid delivery pipeline systems and equipment in the dairy, food, cosmetics, and medical and health industries.

This equipment uses a centrifugal pump to transport the cleaning detergent in the product pipeline and equipment for forced circulation to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Therefore, there is no need to dismantle pipelines and equipment during cleaning, which can improve equipment utilization and reduce labor intensity of workers.

Working principle

First, the alkali liquid is heated, and the heating method adopts plate type heat exchanger. After being heated to the set temperature, according to a certain procedure, the filling machine or other equipment is automatically circulated and rinsed in the tube with alkali, acid and hot water to remove the residual objects to achieve disinfection and sterilization.

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