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BPXGF Series Glass Bottle Filling Machine for CSD

Application: beer

Containers applied for: glass bottle

Filling system: isobaric filling

Production capacity: 3,000BPH – 36,000BPH (500ml)

BPGF Series 2-in-1 monoblock composed of filling and capping is developed and manufactured according to filling technical requirements of beer and carbonated beverage etc which is another good product by combination of advanced technology abroad and market structure based on Sunswell original mature product and technology. It is reasonable in structure, safe to operate and easy to maintain, which is an ideal choice for beverage producers.


Main Features

This machine has advantages of compact structure; perfect controlling system, convenient operation and high-degree automation.

The parts touching with materials adopt imported high quality stainless steel – SUS304, which resist eroding and are convenient to clean.

It adopts high precision and high-speed liquid-level filling valves. Liquid-level is exact and the liquid doesn’t lose, which assures good filling quality.

Complete CIP return circuit and control process, cleaning can be conducted at sight

Capper adopt the roll pressed crown cap, ensure the sealing without break the cap

2 tamper proof roller and 2 screw roller ensure the sealing efficiency

Main electric component adopt the international famous brands.

Working process

The bottle enters into the filling part of 2-in-1 machine through screw by convey chain. The filling valve acted by the cam can realize up and down. The filling valve opens and begins filling when it moves down and touches the bottleneck, the filling valve move up and leave the bottleneck when it finishes filling, the full bottle is transferred to the capping part through hold neck transition poking wheel. The guard plate holds bottle upright not rotating. The screw capping head keeps in revolution and autorotation. It can finish a whole capping course including catching, pressing, screwing, discharging through the action of the cam. The full bottle is transferred to bottle outlet conveyor to the next process through poking wheel.

Equipment Compositions and Functions

Bottle block cylinder & Infeed Screw

05-04 Glass Bottle Filler for Beer2211

Bottle block cylinder is used to prevent the bottle go into the filling equipment during normal running and default .It can be operated manually and automatically. If there is not enough bottle supply, the bottle block cylinder controls the starwheel and reduces the running speed as well.

Bottle infeed screw drive is composed by the 2 level reducer, the 1st level is the cone gear drive, for driving the bottle in screw and bottle in chain, the 2nd level is bottle in screw drive box, for adjusting the bottle infeed screw and position adjustment during bottle shape changing .


05-04 Glass Bottle Filler for Beer2806

A. Filling valve adopts double vacuum to avoid oxygen left in bottles and prolong beer shelf life, with isobaric mechanical valve, High speed and big flow, the high accuracy filling valve, filling speed fast, the liquid level is stable.

B. Main drive adopt gear drive independent, high efficiency, small noise, long life, maintenance-free, transducer can control the main motor speed, the machine adopt Variable-frequency variable speed, whole operations area, motor base is stainless steel contain carbon steel.

C. Guide bottle system, simple structure, according to bottle style, can change

D. The whole machine can be controlled automatically by PLC.

E. Filling product liquid level height adopts liquid level probe control, liquid level steady, filling reliable.

F. The machine important parts and electrical elements is import production.

G. Filling product can be controlled automatically and has CIP washing connector.

Crown cap capper

The bottle into the click wheel through the transition card bottleneck Capping Machine. Rotary Capping Machine knife stuck on the only bottleneck location, keeping the bottle upright and prevent rotation. Capping Machine Capping head to remain in the revolution and rotation, under the action of the cam to achieve grasping cap, capping, press cap, cap off action, complete the capping process. Management Capping Machine is located in the top cover, through drop-cap rail and cover plate connected Capping Machine allocated. Finished bottle through the bottle capping machine sent from the click wheel to the bottle conveyor chains, conveyor chains send out the triple play by the filling machine, into the next process.

05-04 Glass Bottle Filler for Beer4478

Stream Injection System (Speck, Germany)

Composed of jacketed tank for hot water storage and one set of injection nozzle on filler

pressure reducer and pressure gauge. The condensed separator water have the function auto drain.

Discharge Starwheel

05-04 Glass Bottle Filler for Beer4734

  • Nylon starwheel and conveyor belt work together to discharge bottles.

  • Equipped with bottle jam protection device.

Discharge Conveyor

  • Driving motor is frequency inverted to synchronize with the filling line to prevent bottles from falling.

  • Discharge conveyor is equipped with photocell switch to slow down and stop filling line in case of fallen bottles.

Inclined Stainless Steel Table Surface for Easy and Thorough COP

05-04 Glass Bottle Filler for Beer5160

Machine Frame

  • The machine frame is a welded structure of high quality carbon steel with the surface anti-rust treated and coated. The machine frame is wrapped with stainless steel sheet.

  • Driving system of the 2-in-1 Unit is positioned under the machine table. One main motor provides driving power via gear transmission.

  • The gear transmission system is an interleaved arrangement of steel gears and nylon gears.

  • The output shaft of the main motor is equipped overload protection to secure machine safety.

Electrical control system

The electrical cabinet is made of plated carbon steel. From bottle infeed to bottle discharge, a PLC controls the fully automatic operation of the 2-in-1 Unit.

Main Configuration

  • Material of filling valve: Stainless steel 304

  • Main motor: ABB

  • Frequency inverter: Mitsubishi

  • Touch screen: Pro-face

  • PLC: Mitsubishi

  • Pneumatic components: Festo

  • Photocell switch: Sick

  • Proximity switch: Sick

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