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Injection Molding Machine From Sunswell

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Injection molding machines have a wide range of applications,Plastic products such as automotive interiors,exteriors,plastic pipe futtings,home appliance casings,plastic products for the toy industry and house hold daily use,fruit baskets,trash cans,etc.




PET machine for all kinds of water bottle adopts special PET screw design, L/D ratio at 24:1(25:1), which can effectively improve the defective rate and the transparency of products, ultra-fast plasticizing rate can greatly shorten the production cycle time.


Large ejection stroke suit to produce longer PET preform mold, to avoid using pull-hook release mode.

Closed-loop lubriction system, fixed-point lubrication to reduce the loss of lubricating oil, and improve the lubrication reliablity.

Fast close mold hydraulic system to short open & close mold dry cycle time.

Equipped with the function of ejection forcd retreat, and greatly enhance the flexibility of ejection forward and back for the preform mold.

Twin cyclinder injection balance system , reduce the oil retuen resistance, not overlow during high-pressure injection, injection more stable.

PET screw optimization design, using special material and special heat tratment, plate with hard chrome on the surface to improve product transparancy and color mixing effect, and improve the plasticizing ability.


Sunswell is a good choice if you are looking for a supplier of quality and reliable at Injection moulding industry.


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