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Automatic 5L 10L Bottle Linear Water Filling Machine

Application :
Pure water ,mineral water, drinking water,still water, natural water ,spring water ,potable water

Bottle volume :
2L, 3L, 4L, 5L, 6L, 7L, 9L, 10L, 12L
(smaller than 2L bottle volume,we have other machinery can meet your 200ml-2000ml bottle volume requirement and 5 gallon (19L)
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  • Sunswell

The Water machinery combiblock is composed by :

Bottle rinser-filler-capper monoblock

rotary type , with flowmeter filler valve  ,screw or press type capper

The machine is used for 3L-10L water filling, which is composed of washer, filling and capper.

  1. 304 stainless steel insert type filling nozzle, two time high precision filling, filling volume adjustable.
    2. Water pump: 304 stainless steel pump. three washing pumps and one filling pumps.
    3. Mitsubishi PLC controlling system, all full-automatic working, Schneider & Omron brand other electric parts
    4. With AIRTAC brand air cylinder, F.R.L. Combination and Electromagnetism valve for air cylinder.
    5. Machine frame and body: all 304 Stainless Steel, combine with clear fiber glass windows Automatic 5 gallon bottle washing machine


3L, 4L, 5L big bottle linear 3-in-1 Water Filling Machine Main features

Rinsing part

The Rinsing machine connect with empty bottle conveyor frame, when empty bottle input rinsing machine extent, through
photoelectrical reaction, Circuit control system command Pneumatic electromagnetic valve movements, let the Clip bottles of
cylinder clip the bottle, then the oVERTUrn cylinder operate, the bottleneck turn down, then the pure water pump open, spurt pure
water to the bottle, after 30s, stop it, the oVERTUrn cylinders reset, input the conveyor system and go to filling machine.

Filling machine

After-wash empty bottle input the filling machine through conveyor system, two push-barrel cylinders operate beside conveyor, then
the bottle arrive filling part, the bottle bottom separate the conveyor belt. After filling, the bottle drop on the conveyor belt.
Output to the capping part.

Screw capping machine

The screw capping machine is made of 4 screw capping heads frame, after the filled bottle convey to the screw capping machine
station, through air cylinder start to screw cap, again and again, the finished bottle output to the warehouse and check.



The water filling machine is consisted of ringsing-filling-caping all together. CGF water filling machine adpots the suspension design. It allows the machine to fill different type of the bottles. It is normally used as drinking water filling machine. However, it can also be used for fill PET bottle with fruit juice and tea at high temperature by simply change tha valve. It can be connected with our others machines to form the water filling machine and packaging machinery production line.


Equipment structure:1. Rinsing system: Combined with rotary tray with clamp, water distributing tray, water tank and rinsing pump. 2. Filling system: Combined with hydraulic, filling valve, controlling ring, and elevator-cylinder. 3. Capping system: Combined with capper, cap sorter and cap falling track. 4. Driving system: Combined with main motor and gears. 5. Bottle transmitting system: Combined with air conveyor, steel starwheels and neck supporting carrier plates. 6. Electrical controlling system: this part is frequency inverted, PLC controlled and touch screen operated.

washing, filling and capping heads
Production capacity(600ml)


Motor power(kw)
Weight (kg)
Why Choose Us
About Sunswell:
Set up in 2008, Sunswell leads the market in the field of liquid bottling, blow molding, labeling, packaging machinery and process technology for water, tea, juice, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, liquid, beer, edible oil, dairy and daily care products, etc.
(1)A to Z turnkey plant provider (2)Fully automatic or economic solution optional (3)10+ years of global market experience (4)Serve customers over 50 countries and regions worldwide







> the wide range of liquid packaging plant machinery 

> the various range of possible end products 

> 10+ years of global market experience 

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Q1: which city are you in? how can I get to your factory? Are you a trading company or factory?
A1: We are in Zhangjiagang city, two hours driving from Shanghai. We are factory. Manufacturing mainly beverage filling and packagingmachines. We offer turnkey solutions with more than 10 years experience.

Q2: Why is your prices higher than others?
A2: We offer high-end machines in our business. Welcome to our factory to have a visit. And you will see the difference.

Q3: What is your delivery time?
A3: Normally 30-60 working days depends one machines, water machines are faster, carbonated drink machines are slower.

Q4: How to install my machines when it arrives? How much the cost?
A4: We will send our engineers to your factory to install the machines and train your staff how to operate the machines If
needed.Or you can arrange engineers to study in our factory. You are responsible for air tickets, accommodation and our engineer wage USD100/day/person.

Q5: How long time for installation?
A5: Subject to machines and the situation in your factory. If everything is ready, it will take about 10 days to 25 days.

Q6: How about the spare parts?
A6: We will send one year enough easy broken spare parts together with the machines for free, we suggest you buy more units tosave international courier such as DHL, it is really costly.

Q7: What is your guarantee?
A7: We have one year guarantee and life-long technical support. Our service also including machine maintence.

Q8: What is your payment term?
A8: 30%T/T in advance as down payment, rest should be paid before shipping. L/C is supported also.

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