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20000BPH(500ml)Combi Line order from Central America

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-03      Origin: Site

At the beginning of November, after two months of technical communication, the order of a 20000BPH (500ml) blowing/ filling/capping combi line from a customer in Central America was finally finalized.


The order includes a 20000BPH (500ml) blower/filler/capper Combiblock and auxiliary equipment, high and low pressure air compressors, conveying system, hot melt glue OPP labeling machine and automatic film shrink wrapping machine for printed film. At the same time, the customer also ordered a 900BPH (5gallon) drinking water bottling line, including automatic de-capper, high-pressure barrel washing machine, automatic outside barrel brushing machine , barrel washing/filling/capping monoblock, conveying system,fully automatic tamp seal sleeve labeling and shrinking machine.

The signing of the order demonstrates Sunswell's excellent product performance and strong engineering capabilities. Good product cost performance makes Sunswell be one of the ideal suppliers for medium and high-speed liquid filling production lines. Sunswell will continue to focus on entering the high-speed bottling production line market.


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