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  • 150BPH 19.9L Water Line to Haiti

    Republic of Haiti, is an island nation located in the northern Caribbean Sea. Indian means "mountainous place". Haiti is connected to the Dominican Republic in the east, the Caribbean Sea in the south, and the Atlantic Ocean in the north, and Cuba and Jamaica across the west, covering an area of 27,800 square kilometers.

  • Jumping Out of the Price Leverage to Achieve Market

    In recent years, many industries have been caught in the quagmire of price wars. The price war caused by homogenization of products which is almost inevitable, and many companies have fallen into the vicious circle of "declining business and falling profits".

  • Sunwell Gives Spring Festival Wishes to All Our Customers

    Chinese New Year is coming soon. In Chinese New Year, the family members reunite. People eat rice cakes, dumplings and a variety of rich meals, lights up the lanterns, set off firecrackers and bless each other.

  • How to Maintain Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine?

    With time, the new technological devices are introduced in the market. The carbonated beverage filling machine manufacturers started using these latest devices into their machines. Because of this reason, the latest machines are more efficient than their predecessors.

  • New Year, New Success

    As the new year begins, Sunswell also has a good start new. The first order came from one US customer at beginning of New Year 2020. The client is a professional water bottling company located in New York, USA.

  • What is ROPP Capping in Beverage Industry?

    What is ROPP cap:ROPP Cap is a type of bottle closure and It is kind of Metal cap generally made using fine grade of Aluminium as Aluminium imparts the benefit of ductility.

  • Sunswell Maldives Customer Return Visit Completed

    From the end of October to the beginning of November, the customer return visit and technical support was successfully completed.Sunswell's 12000 BPH Combi pure water line has been delivered to the maldives clients for 2 months.

  • Water Production Line to India

    India is located in South Asia and is the largest country in the South Asian subcontinent. The northeast of the territory borders Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and China, the east is adjacent to Myanmar, the southeast faces Sri Lanka across the sea, and the northwest borders Pakistan.

  • CBST 2019 The 9th China International Beverage Industry Technology Exhibition

    On the afternoon of November 20th, the three-day biennial event of the Chinese beverage industry, CBST2019, the 9th China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition successfully concluded in Shanghai.

  • How Is The Andina Pack Exhibition In Colombia In 2019?

    Andina Pack is a 4 days event being held from 19th November to 22nd November 2019 at the Conferees in Bogotá, Colombia. Andina Pack proposes solutions to convert, process, package and distribute goods. A company interested in the market of Latina America will never ignore this fair.


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