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News and Events

  • SUNSWELL PE Bottle With Aluminum Foil Rising-Filling-Sealing Machine Will Be Shipped to Customer

    ‍Sunswell, a leading company in quality and technology from Raw Material to Bottled Liquid Packaging to Recycled Plastic Chips - Sunswell, A-Z turnkey plant supplier, is known for developing innovative high-end products and new technologies.

  • Drinking Water Packing in Glass Bottle Meet High-end Market Requirement

    With the improvement of living standard, the product packaging environmental protection and packaging forms requirement are higher and higher. Drinking water mostly packing in PET plastic bottle, but for high-end bottled waters, the glass bottle is a must, it has a nicer feel and looks more substan

  • Preforms, Labels, Caps--Sunswell offers More than Machines

    As is well known. In a beverage filling and packaging production line, machines are not the only components. Some packaging materials are needed such as bottle preforms (blowing molding machine), labels (labeling machine), caps (filling machine) and rolled PE film used in shrink wrapping machine. Ma

  • PET Bottles Will Become An Industry Challenge!

    As a pet bottle filling machine supplier,Sunsell will works together with all clients to accelerate the recycling cycle of this valuable material. The European Federation of Bottled Waters(EFBW) was announced in 2018 : By 2025, the average use of recycled plastics in European bottled water PET bottl

  • What Are The Filling Characteristics and Working Principles of Glass Bottle Filling Machine?

    Bottle filling machine is becoming advanced due to the latest technological innovation. Many manufacturers are working on the productivity and efficiency of these machines. It has a compact structure. The automation is of high degree. The operation system of this machine is good. It is easy to opera

  • 6 Containers Shipped Out to Costa Rica

    Recently, 6 containers of goods were shipped out from Sunswell factory to Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica. The 6 containers were loaded fully of equipment as PET preform injection molding machine, water chiller, PET stretch blow molding machine, high pressure air compressor system, low pressure air compr

  • Sunswell Rotary Hot Melt Gule Labeling Machine

    ‍Labels play a large part in the life of a packaged product. Labeling is critical to the product packaging process. If you can’t label a package, you can’t identify or ship a product and are even forbidden to sell product in most of the markets.

  • Technology Comparison Between Hot Filling and Aseptic Cold Filling (2)

    In last December, we talked some points about technology comparison between hot filling and aseptic cold filling, this time we will continue and finish this topic.

  • Installation and Commissioning of Maldives 12000BPH Waterline Project is Nearing Completion

    Maldives water line project since June installation and commission, for nearly two months time, after Sunswell's engineers of unremitting efforts, the whole project is nearing an end, ongoing work user training and optimization of a small scale, is expected to complete delivery at the end of this month.

  • What is the Working Flow of Bottle Blowing and Filling Process for Bottled Carbonated Beverages

    The world is undergoing continuous change. This change is also increasing the complexity of the beverage industry. The goal of this industry is to offer items that are durable, tasteful, and attention-grabbing. In this way, it can satisfy the needs and wants of the customers.

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