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  • 24000BPH Glass Bottled Carbonated Soft Drinks Line in Process for Domestic

    With the continuous development of global warming and people's living standard rising, people's environment protection consciousness is increasing. Glass bottled drinks is more environmentally friendly.

  • 70℃ Ultra-Clean Juice Filling Line for 3L Bottle to Turkey

    After a 12,000BPH 1L Glass bottled juice line successfully installed in Goknur in Adana, Turkey. Another line of 3L juice bottle is on the sea for the same client. The product of this production line will be exhibited in Walmart in the USA.

  • How to Choose A Labeling Machine?

    Sunswell as a leadership in quality and technology from raw material to downstream, a A-Z turnkey plant supplier,we are also professional in labeling machine,now take a look at how we choose the right labeling equipment for our clients.

  • New Packaging Boosts High-end Water Market

    Recenlty, Sunswell closed a deal with a Costa Rican customer to supply a 10,000BPH(500ml) aluminum bottle can water filling machine. The customer owns a high-end artesian water plant located in beautiful mountain in Costa Rica.

  • Be Strong China - Be Well Sunswell

    Sudden new coronavirus outbreak, for the entire beverage machinery industry, is a very big test.Since February 24, Sunswell has restored 100% of its capacity and all departments are working overtime to make up for the delay caused by the epidemic.

  • A Drink Can - What You Need to Know?

    A drink can,sometimes erroneously referred to as a "tin can", is a single-use container for packaging made primarily of aluminum or tin-plated steel.It is commonly used for foods and drinks such as carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, fruit juices, teas, herbal teas, energy drinks, etc.

  • Automatic Beverage Filling Machine is An Important Part of Packaging Machinery

    Under the premise of ensuring quality, technology and timeliness are the goals pursued by each industry. The technical level of the machine includes quality and efficiency, so the more advanced the technology, the more popular it is.

  • 150BPH 19.9L Water Line to Haiti

    Republic of Haiti, is an island nation located in the northern Caribbean Sea. Indian means "mountainous place". Haiti is connected to the Dominican Republic in the east, the Caribbean Sea in the south, and the Atlantic Ocean in the north, and Cuba and Jamaica across the west, covering an area of 27,800 square kilometers.

  • Jumping Out of the Price Leverage to Achieve Market

    In recent years, many industries have been caught in the quagmire of price wars. The price war caused by homogenization of products which is almost inevitable, and many companies have fallen into the vicious circle of "declining business and falling profits".

  • Sunwell Gives Spring Festival Wishes to All Our Customers

    Chinese New Year is coming soon. In Chinese New Year, the family members reunite. People eat rice cakes, dumplings and a variety of rich meals, lights up the lanterns, set off firecrackers and bless each other.

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