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  • Flow Meter Birdnest Drink Canning Line

    In 2016 , Sunswell Machinery has export two sets of Filling Machine to Vietnam for Bird's Nest Products . One is for 18000CPH , Flow Meter Birdnest Drink Canning Line . Another one is 18000BPH , Flow Meter Bird’s Nest Drink Glass Bottling Line.

  • 28000BPH Glass Bottled Carbonated Soft Drinks Line Workshop Run Test

    Sunswell 28000BPH glass bottled carbonated soft drinks /soda water line has been run tested successfully. It can be applicated in carbonated soft drinks, cola, soda water, CO2 gas water, fizzy water.

  • MBM Manufacturing (Thailand): Sunswell is the most Reliable Supplier

    Two carbonated drink production lines: 5,000BPH for Plastic bottle, 5,000CPH for aluminum Can has been shipped to MBM Manufacturing from Thailand, waiting for installation and commissioning after Coronavirus.

  • Disinfectant Filling Machine , Help Fight Against Epidemic

    Because of COVID-19, the global demand for disinfectants has risen sharply.In the battle against the new coronavirus pneumonia, as the demand for various types of disinfectants increased, the market demand for disinfectant fillers / production lines also increased rapidly.

  • American Customer and Sunswell Signed a Sanitizer Filling Line

    According to the epidemic data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 6:30 on May 12, Beijing time, the United States has cumulatively diagnosed 1,346,163 cases of COVID-19 and accumulated 80,297 cases of deaths.

  • Injection Molding Machine In Sunswell

    Plastic injection molding is the process of heating raw material to its melting point, forcing the viscous material into a mold, and allowing it to cool into a hardened shape. Injection molded parts are used in virtually every product you encounter, from electronics to housewares to automotive to food packaging.

  • Key Points of CIP Selection

    CIP is the abbreviation of "clean in place", is a method that does not need to dismantle or move equipment, under closed conditions, with a certain temperature and concentration of cleaning liquid to the device to exert a strong effect, clean the contact surface with food.

  • High Speed Linear Blow Molding Machine with Rotary Heater

    SSW-S series linear bottle blowing machine is used in the production of PET water bottles, hot filling bottles, carbonated beverage bottles and edible oil bottles. Our S series linear bottle blowing machine stretches the preform by controlling the stretching rod by servo motor. The advantage is that it can be stretched in sections, firstly position the preform, ensure the verticality of the preform when stretching then secondary stretching. Ensure uniformity and consistency of stretch of each preform. At the same time, the blower is faster and less energy consumed.

  • In the post-Coronvirus, low-temperature fresh milk ushered in explosive growth

    Sudden outbreaks and improving immunity have become weapons for everyone. The National Health and Health Commission and other departments have recently issued guidelines clearly stating that “try to drink 300g of milk or milk products every day”. The official guidance points out that exercise, reasonable diet, and nutritional collocation can all play a role in enhancing immunity, and ingesting dairy products is a more convenient and effective way to improve immunity.

  • 24000BPH Glass Bottled Carbonated Soft Drinks Line in Process for Domestic

    With the continuous development of global warming and people's living standard rising, people's environment protection consciousness is increasing. Glass bottled drinks is more environmentally friendly.

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