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A Container of PVC Shrink Sleeve Labels to Mexico

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Sunswell is well known as its beverage filling and packaging machines. We offer botted water, juice and carbonated drinks whole production line from water treatment system to mixing, to blowing, filling and packaging. But actually, every year, we also shipped many supplies to our clients.

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Those supplies including bottle preforms (for blowing machine to blow bottles), caps, labels (PVC, PET shrink sleeve labels, self-adhesive labels, OPP labels) as well as PE film for shrink wrapping machine. Every year, the sales of consumables account for 30% of the entire Sunswell sales.

Recently, we just shipped a whole 20GP container of PVC Shrink sleeve labels to Oaxaca, Mexico. This client used to buy all the labels locally, but now, they have been doing label business with us since 4 years ago.

This client also bought 3 units of shrink sleeve labeling machine from us: TB-250 double head two units, TB-350, with the capacity of separately 15,000BPH and 21,000BPH. Machines has been in use for 3 years. We are so happy that client is very satisfied with our machines, as all the machines in their workshop are top of rank in the whole world like SIPA, SACMI, KRONES etc. sometimes if the labels become shrined during transportation and can not fit the label column in the labeling machine, we will send them a new smaller column for free. Client are very satisfied with our after-sales service. 

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Sunswell always trying to help clients Solve all the questions they meet. Welcome for any inquires of the prices of supplies!

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