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5000BPH Vinegar Filling Machine for Both Glass & PET Bottle

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Condiments are divided into liquid and sauces forms. The most common seen products are Soy sauce, vinegar and tomato sauce. The filling technology is more complex than beverage in machine corrosion resistance, product bubbling and filling valve dripping. Sunswell machinery is able to solve all these problems at the same time ensuring accurate filling volume.


Recently, we are installing a 3-in-1 washing-filling-capping machine for vinegar with the capacity of 5,000bottles/hr to Pakistan. The highlight of this machine is that:


It is able to fit both for GLASS BOTTLE and PET BOTTLE with same bottle neck.

3 in 1 vinegar filling machine.png

Advantage and Shortage of this machine:


Commonly, pet bottles and glass bottles should be in different machine. This 2-in-1 one help client save one unit machine cost.


Suitable for low capacity machine.

Need more than 3 hours to change the changeover parts for different bottles if operated by sophisticated worker. Bottle neck grippers in washing machine, filling valves, as well as star wheels are the different parts.

vinegar filling machine parts.png

This solution is a good news for those cost limited but product various clients. Any more detail of this machine interests, please do feel free for consultation.  


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