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Sunswell keeps running in the face of the war and the epidemic

Views: 0     Author: Alex     Publish Time: 2022-07-18      Origin: Site


2022 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The Covid-19 has ravaged the world for 3 years, but it still has not disappeared. The war between Russia and Ukraine does not see the dawn of an end! All these have  delayed and hindered the progress of our trading work. But even if there are many difficulties, it cannot stop the enthusiasm of Sunswell Machinery people! come on!


Just last week, a 40 container full of hope arrived at UK. This is the first time that Sunswell Machinery has entered the British market. It is hoped that more and more packaging equipment will enter the European market in the future.


This time, Sunswell Machinery cooperated with a well-known local canned carbonated beverage company to develop a complete set of production lines. These include Pet Bottle blow molding machine, Aluminum Can cutting machine, Filling machine, Sleeve Labeling Machine and Film Wrapping machine, etc., And some auxiliary equipment (like Air Compressor ,Chiller etc.), Preforms and Labels.


The signing of the order demonstrates Sunswell's excellent product performance and strong engineering capabilities.


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