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What Is Two-piece Can, Three-piece Can?

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Metal cans are cans what we often call. The can lid and the can body are produced separately and finally assembled together. There are two types of materials for making cans: aluminum and tinplate.

aluminum can

Overview and characteristics

The advantages of this metal can are obvious, its tightness is very good, it can resist high internal pressure, and it is very suitable for loading carbonated drinks, which are only required for pressure, air and acid resistance.

Classification and application


Metal cans are classified according to the manufacturing method; there are mainly two kinds of three-piece cans and two-piece cans:

aluminum can

(1) Three-piece cans

Although it has been improved many times, its basic composition is still made of three thin metal plates (mostly tinplate) of the can body, the bottom of the can and the can lid, so it is called "three-piece can". The shape, size and manufacturing methods of the bottom and the lid of the ordinary three-piece can are exactly the same, collectively referred to as the can lid.

The three-piece can has the features of good rigidity, ability to produce various shapes of cans, high material utilization rate, easy to change size, mature production process, and many kinds of packaging products.

(2) Two-piece cans

The entire packaging can consists of two pieces, the can body and the can lid, so it is called two-piece can.

Two-piece cans have the following advantages over three-piece cans:

1 Good sealing.

2 To ensure product quality.

3 Beautiful and generous.

4 High production efficiency.

5 Save raw materials.

However, the two-piece cans have higher requirements on material properties, can making technology, and can making equipment, and the types of materials to be filled are less.


can filling machine

The metal cans currently used for packaging are mainly aluminum two-piece cans. The aluminum two-piece can is made of aluminum alloy thin plate, and a thin stretching process is used in the manufacturing process, so the thickness of the can wall is obviously thinner than the can bottom. When used in beer packaging, a strong internal pressure compensates for the rigidity of the thin can wall. However, the high gas barrier properties, opacity and sealing properties of the metal can keep the quality of the beer in the tank stable.

It is also the presence of these metal features that enable metal cans to be filled at high speeds even with the time-consuming filling method of isobaric filling.

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