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What is the Working Flow of Bottle Blowing and Filling Process for Bottled Carbonated Beverages

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The world is undergoing continuous change. This change is also increasing the complexity of the beverage industry. The goal of this industry is to offer items that are durable, tasteful, and attention-grabbing. In this way, it can satisfy the needs and wants of the customers. Nonetheless, the item alone is not important. Proper bottle blowing and filling of the beverages are also imperative. For that reason, the companies are using advanced bottle filling machine. This machine has classic features that make it stand out.

What are the working flow of bottle blowing and filling process for bottled carbonated beverages?

The companies have to consider several things for the bottle blowing and filling process. Some of these things include the design, size, and diameter of the bottles for the carbonated beverages. When it comes to the working flow of bottle blowing and filling process, then no problem! At the moment, we are going to discuss it in detail.

First of all, the bottles enter into the bottle blowing machine. They are blow-molded straightforwardly with the help of this machine. Generally, the bottles are buffered amid the units. The small bottles are buffered for 3-5 minutes while the big bottles are buffered for 10 minutes. Nevertheless, some beverage companies are using palletizing techniques instead of buffering techniques. When buffering is done on the air conveyor for a couple of minutes, then the filling process starts. In case, the blow molder stops due to any reason; then the bottle loss can occur. The blow molder equipment needs to reach its functioning temperature efficiently. 

When the blowing process ends, then the filling process starts immediately. The blowing bottles are transferred to the filling unit from the blowing unit. The bottle filling machine is considered as the master equipment for the production line. Typically, the blow molder is linked with the filler with the help of conveyor. This conveyor ensures the safe transportation of the bottles.

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The risk of bottle contamination exists at all times for the bottled carbonated beverages. To overcome this issue, the companies are using such automatic machines that can rinse the bottles before filling. The advanced bottle filling machine has a bottle of rinsing technology. They inject water into these bottles rapidly to make certain excellent rinsing from the inner side. The bottles are rotated into a vertical position and then rinsed properly. After that, ionized air is entered to eradicate the bottle contamination risk during bottle blowing and filling process. 

After the cleaning and rinsing process, the filling of the bottles with carbonated beverages starts. The bottles come across the filling head. The filling head starts filling the carbonated drink at low temperature into the bottles, and then the capper promptly seal them. The cold filling process is imperative for bottled carbonated beverages. When it completes, then the bottles, have to go through a warmer. This warmer starts spraying hot water onto the bottles to raise their temperature a bit. These bottles reach room temperature instantly, and then the machine dries them up one by one. 

Last Word

When the filling process ends, then the filled bottles are labeled and packaged properly. The specific number of bottles is packaged in one carton. When the cartons fill up with the bottled carbonated beverages, then they are moved to the distribution unit. 

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