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What is ROPP Capping in Beverage Industry?

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What is ROPP cap:

ROPP Cap is a type of bottle closure and It is kind of Metal cap generally made using fine grade of Aluminium as Aluminium imparts the benefit of ductility. ROPP Caps are widely used in a type of industries like pharmaceutical, distilleries, wine and beverage etc.


How it works:

Closure applying a pressure that creates a seal between glass and liner material. As the capping-head rotates, a spring pivot system causes the rollers to move inwards. The rollers engage with the closure and finish and start to form the ROPP thread profile using the glass profile as a mandrill. 


In other words,when ROPP Cap applied over bottle at that time, the cap is distorted over the thread of a bottle and base of cap get deformed around securing ring in the bottle neck.


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