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The carbonated drink making process is the combination of carefully selected steps and methods towards the production of a carbonated drink. The increased consumption of carbonated drinks has led to the construction of several carbonated drink filling lines with the addition of one or more unique ingredients that bring out a different taste and increases patronage. With the amount of money, you stand to make within a short period, starting up your own carbonated drink filling line won’t be a bad idea. To make this easy for you, I will be explaining the fundamental processes involved in manufacturing a carbonated drink and making it available for sales to the public in this post. This should boost your understanding of the drinks and possibly help you to start yours faster.



Clarifying Water

Carbonated drinks can’t possibly be made without water, and the quality of the water is essential for the safe consumption of the product. The water is carefully clarified to exclude every form of dirt and impurities such as organic matters, suspended material, and microorganism to make the water safe and prevent it from having a color or tastes that would affect human’s health. This is done through coagulation, filtration, and chlorination at various levels.


Further Water Treatment

After carrying out the first treatment on the water, the water is made to undergo further treatment, which involves filtering the water using a filter bed packed with sand to remove every remaining particle of floc. After a successful filtration, the water is sterilized to terminate every bacterial and organic matter that could affect the taste of the drink while passing through the carbonated drink filling line to become a finished product. After this process, the water is dechlorinated and de-aerated before moving it to the next section for dosing.


Addition of Ingredients

One thing is certain about this stage. The ingredients can never be the same for all factory because every factory has a unique ingredient that only a few people in the factory know about. However, for learning sake, I will give a short demonstration. Flavor and dissolved sugar are pumped at a regular sequence into the dosing section, and other ingredients are transported in batches into a mixing section for proper mixing that prevents aeration caused by too much agitation. A proportioner then combines the water carefully before the syrup is pressurized with carbon dioxide to avoid aeration.



This is the process of adding dissolved carbon dioxide at an appropriate temperature. This could be done at this stage or during the stage of water treatment.


Filling and Final Packaging

This essential process talks about the carbonated drink filling line in particular. At this stage, an automatic filling machine is used to fill a certain quantity of the carbonated drink into the container before sending it to the next section. Another machine caps the container under pressure or seals it properly to keep the drink safe for distribution after passing it through some test to ensure that the drink produced has not deviated from the company's standard.

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