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Sunswell Maldives Customer Return Visit Completed

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From the end of October to the beginning of November, the customer return visit and technical support was successfully completed.

pure water line

Sunswell's 12000 BPH Combi pure water line has been delivered to the maldives clients for 2 months. Recently, Sunswell sent engineers to production site, spent nearly a month for technical support and user access work, In addition to the above work, the engineers also completed the equipment maintenance and personnel intensive training for another 10000BPH pure water line purchased by the customer two years ago from Sunswell, During the return visit, some problems with the machine during use are resolved, The machine operation and maintenance ability of the staff has been effectively improved.

technical support

Sunswell will further strengthen and improve the after-sales service work, and strive to provide each of our customers, each of the production lines, with better after-sales service, so that our customers will get a better use experience.

10000BPH pure water line

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