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Sunswell 24000BPH Hot melt glue labeling machine to Mexico

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glue labeling machine

Hot melt glue labeling machine is widely used in food and beverage, pesticide chemicals, paints and coatings, medicine and health care and other fields. It can be used for full-circle labeling of round, square, and multi-angled cans, etc., or for labeling that is less than full or less than full body. This machine is mainly used in middle and big capacity machines higher than 10,000bph, as OPP labels are much cheaper than PVC labels.

Sunswell is one of the top Chinese suppliers able to manufacture stable and high quality hot melt labeling machines with the speed faster than 24,000BPH. The Mexico client is using a hot melt glue labeler from Top company PE labeler in their factory. After visiting our client factory in Wuxi, client completely trust us and sent the down payment within 2 weeks. 

Features of the machine


1. Trademark cutting blade is easy to adjust

2. The vacuum suction wheel is made of high-hardness material, and the added wrinkle treatment procedure can reduce the trademark friction and prevent static electricity generation

3. The work of replacing compatible parts can be completed quickly and efficiently within 10 minutes

SSW glue labeling machine

4. The position of the blade can be adjusted accurately and conveniently using the manual operation panel;

5. The vacuum suction wheel and the lower part of the trademark cutting part are made of special materials resistant to wear and heat;

6. When the length of the trademark is changed, the automatic adjustment knob can automatically adjust the I-MARK position;

7. Use the trademark: Label material: OPP (wheel type) machine completes the cutting pattern, no deformation; always end mesh Gluing, compared with foreign full-spraying equipment, saving hot melt 50%, correction ± 0.05 (mm).

 SSW glue labeling machine

Sunswell is mainly concentrated on offering clients with top quality machines!

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