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Sunswell 12,000BPH 1L Glass bottled Juice Bottling Line to Turkey

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Now, it is the end of November. It’s the season of shipping as it is coming to the end of the year of 2018. The BRXGF40-40-10 Glass bottled juice line with the capacity of 12,000BPH for 1L to Turkey is one of them.


The Turkish client has the biggest brand of concentrated juice offering not only in Turkey, but also in middle east and European countries, they also do OEM juice products to other clients.


For this juice line, client order the following machines from us:

  • One unit of BRXGF 40-40-10 glass bottled hot filling with the filling temperature of 95. Using hot water to wash the bottles before filling. One point to mention is that, the two 1L glass bottles has two different neck size. Takes more than half day to change the changeover parts.


  • Tilting device after capping to kill the bacteria in the caps.

  • Cooling tunnel to cool down juice into ambient temperature.

  • ROPP Hot melt glue labeling machine

  • Half tray shrink wrapper to wrap the bottles into 2*3 bottles and 3*4 bottles.


At the same time, we are manufacturing a 4,000BPH 3L square juice bottle line for this client using Sanitizer Filling technology with the filling temperature of 75℃. Machines will be finished at the end of December.

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