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Spray Cooling Tunnel Transported to USA

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The spray cooling tunnel is also called bottle cold machine, which is specially designed for the cooling of bottles after filling in the hot filling beverage production line. It is conveyed through a circular plastic chain into a spray area with different temperatures to complete the heat preservation, sterilization and cooling processes. The segmented design makes the spray temperature zone easy, and the product is cooled to a certain temperature step by step through the temperature control, which ensures the color, aroma, taste and nutrition of the beverage, so as to facilitate the labeling, sleeve labeling and carton packing after the whole line.



The bottle after hot filling is sterilized by bottle tilting, then enters the cooling tunnel, and is cooled by water spray in different temperature zones of the cooling tunnel to make the product reach the specified temperature.


The equipment consists of machine body, conveying part, spraying zone, feed-in and feed-out conveyor and electrical control, etc.

The whole machine body is made of stainless steel, there is a adjustable base on the bottom.


Spray device:

There is four spray zones in the machine.

First fill the water in all water tank to the specified liquid level, then close the manual butterfly valve on the first spray pipe, heat the second water tank. When the temperature is reached (it can be seen through the temperature gauge on the water tank), open the manual butterfly valve on the first spray pipe, and then run the whole machine. The first zone is first warm water-cooling zone, and the heated water in the second water tank is pumped by the water pump through the plate heat exchanger to the first spray pipe. The material in the first is cooled, and the water after cooling is returned to the cooling tower to cool by the water pump. The second zone is second warm water cooling. The water recovered in the third section is sprayed by the water pump to the second zone. The water after cooling is pumped through the plate heat exchanger to the first spray pipe. The third section is the tower water cooling zone, which is a cycle process in which the water of the cooling tower is directly sprayed, and finally the bottle body is cleaned by pure water.


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