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Servo-stretch Mold Blowing Machine,Promote PET Bottle Production

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PET bottles are widely used in packing water,hot filling drinks,carbonated beverage,edible oil etc.Cylinder stretch mold blowing machine produces small outputs per cavity,the price of auxiliary equipment is high,and the it takes a lot of space.


Compared with cylinder-stretch mold blowing machine,the servo-streth mold blowing machine stretches the preform by controlling the stretching rod with servo motor,the preform can be stretched uniformity and consistency.the blower is faster and has less energy consumed.

blow molding machine operation process

pet stretch blow molding machine

The servo-strech mold blowing machine has following advantages:

1,The capacity of 1 cavity reaches 2600 bph,the same capacity the machine is smaller,save the space.

2,It need lower high pressure air,factories can buy lower power high pressure air compressor,this reduces the electricity consumption and the equipment cost.

3,It only need 1 chiller for cooling mold use,this also reduce equipment cost.


Sunsell brings the newest mold bolwing machine,blowing-filling-capping monoblock ,increase customers efficiency.


Sunwell continually focuses on providing customers with advanced technology, engineering and facility. 

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