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Preforms, Labels, Caps--Sunswell offers More than Machines

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As is well known. In a beverage filling and packaging production line, machines are not the only components. Some packaging materials are needed such as bottle preforms (blowing molding machine), labels (labeling machine), caps (filling machine) and rolled PE film used in shrink wrapping machine. Material cost takes big account of the cost of a bottle of beverage.



For labels, the most common seen models for the beverage production line are: PVC Shrink Sleeve Label, OPP Hot melt glue label and self-adhesive label. Though hot melt glue OPP label has become a trend now because of its low price, PVC label still takes account the biggest market—Price of shrink sleevelabeling machine is much cheaper than OPP labeler. In another way, hot filling juice bottles always use PVC labels. For self-adhesive labels, there are many different materials of it and it make your final product looks of top quality.



This month, we just shipped a 20GP container of PVC shrink sleeve labels to Oaxaca, Mexico. We have been doing business with this client since last year. They bought 2 units of double heads 250BPH and 350BPH shrink sleeve labeling machine and then PVC labels orders continuously coming.


Recently, they are considering changing their present OPP labels into shrink sleeve labels also. As our labeling machine are running very good. We sunswell is able to offer you real turnkey plant production line, both machines and raw materials!



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