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New Packaging Boosts High-end Water Market

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Recenlty, Sunswell closed a deal with a Costa Rican customer to supply a 10,000BPH(500ml) aluminum bottle can water filling machine

aluminum bottle can water filling machine

The customer owns a high-end artesian water plant located in beautiful mountain in Costa Rica. All the products are bottled at source from the magical rainforest containing the true voice of nature cradled in a 100% plastic-free package. Pura Vida! The products are mainly exported to USA. The customer's concept is to disrupt the bottled water industry with sustainable alternatives to plastic and contribute to a circular economy and a heathier planet. Sunswell, the professional liquid packaging machinery manufacturer to supply low carbon packaging machine globally. That is the reason why the Costa Rican company found Sunswell to purchase the new machine.

aluminum bottles filling machine

The order includes a fully automatic aluminum bottle can rinsing/filling/capping monbolock, cap elevator& sorter, online cap sterilizer and a CIP station. The filling machine will be used to handle both 500ml and 350ml aluminum bottle can. The 500ml and 350ml bottle can have same neck specification and body diameter, so the filling monoblock does not need any changeover parts and only need to adjust some part height of the machine. The adjustment can be finished within 30 minutes. Besides aluminum bottle can, the machine can be used to handle glass bottles as well. The filling machine has CIP function which can be realized by connecting with a CIP station. It meets requirements of some high-end water production.

aluminum bottle filling machine

To break the status quo of an industry based on plastic, new packaging of low-carbon and environmentally friendly aluminum bottles will be recognized by more and more consumers. Sunswell is committed to contributing to provide packaging solution to boost the new packaging water market.

aluminum bottling machine

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