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Introduction of Blowing-Filling-Capping Combiblock from Sunswell

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Sunswell Blowing-filling-capping combiblock is an integrated machine that combines blowing, filling and capping together, reducing intermediate aspects such as transfer, empty bottle handling, stacking and storage processes, thus improving packaging hygiene, reducing cross-contamination and improving overall operational efficiency. At the same time, the energy consumption is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the comprehensive production cost of beverage manufacturers. This Combiblock is a trend in the market now.


Application: still water, sparkling water, carbonated drinks, etc.

Suitable for: PET bottles

Blowing system: rotary

Filling system: gravity filling, flowmeter filling

Production capacity: 12,000BPH – 36,000BPH (500ml)

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Technical features of combiblock

1.Machine operation adopts TFT touch screen with multi languages and friendly interface. Speed, shift capacity and technical specifications can be set on the menu.

2.High efficiency: 2,000 BPH/cavity (500ml water bottle).

3.Double blowing system. Monitoring pressure change curve of each cavity during bottle forming and providing accurate timely parameters, easier for operator to regulate technical parameters and ensure quality stability.

4.Adopt cam organism and accurate mechanical arm transferring technology with high speed preform and bottle feeding, avoiding contamination.

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5.Cam organism controls mold opening and clamping precisely with special mold clamping boost system and firm mold shelf structure; independent control of blowing parameters of each cavity; malfunction diagnosing function; enhanced neck sealing stability; regulating blowing pressure; stretching bar controls accurate preform axial stretching and 1st / 2nd blowing controls vertical stretching; regulating of 1st / 2nd blowing precisely ensures ideal distribution of bottle wall thickness.

6.Heating adopts far infrared temperature control; each heating lamp of pre-heating and regulating zone can be regulated; timely temperature monitoring system ensures technical stability and accuracy, avoiding over high temperature of outer preform wall; 10-20% electrical power is saved by this heating system.

7.Fast mold changing (6-screw, 6-8 min for each mold) reduces stop time and increases production efficiency.

8.Humanized design makes complicated industrial operation get used to habits.

9.Blowing mold is made of aluminum alloy with oxidization treatment on surface to prolong mold lifespan.

10.Preform infeed starwheel adopts preform block detecting device. When blocks, preform will be rejected and reset automatically.

11.Safety door is equipped with alarming device to protect operators.


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