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How Is The Andina Pack Exhibition In Colombia In 2019?

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Andina Pack is a 4 days event being held from 19th November to 22nd November 2019 at the Conferees in Bogotá, Colombia. Andina Pack proposes solutions to convert, process, package and distribute goods. A company interested in the market of Latina America will never ignore this fair.


Sunswell Machinery

Sunswell is one of the Chinese suppliers which attend the fair in Bogota. Sales manager Geroge Ge and Tobey luo represent Sunswell to receive customers mainly from Colombia, Ecuador, Panama. Following are our impressions of this fair:


1. This is a big packaging exhibition for many different areas, ranging from food, beverage. Chemical and Daily necessities. As a supplier of beverage filling and packaging machines. We do not have much competitors in this event.


2. 95% of visitors are not able to speak English, Spanish is their only language. It is so important to learn Spanish well if you want to do a good job in this market. But language is of course not the only key to success.


3. During the 4 days exhibition, we had some clients in the first 2 days. Because of the big strike in Bogota, the exhibition hall became almost empty in the last two days. People prefer to stay at home safely to avoid being accidentally injured.


4. Most of the clients in this exhibition are direct but small users. Even 5,000bottles/hr is an amazing capacity for them.


The achievement of this exhibition has not been shown at present. But at least we have gradually known about this market, or even the whole Latina America, which is an invisible treasure for us. 

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