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Handing Key to Turkish Client for a 12,000BPH Glass Bottled Juice Prodution Line

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In the middle of May. All our engineers came back completely after one and half month working in Goknur, Adana, Turkey for a 12,000BPH 1L Glass bottled juice production line installation and commissioning.


juice glass bottle machine

This client is mainly doing OEM juice for different companies with their own brand names. That’s why they always need to change labels, packaging methods, for example sometimes in tray with film while sometimes carton boxes.


juice production line

The whole procedure of the juice line is not that smooth honestly. The moment our engineers arrived at client factory, clients have not been well prepared for the water, electricity and steam. Meanwhile. We were informed that they need to change the layout of the conveyor which makes too much troubles and works for our engineers.


juice filling machine manufacture

Another question is that the UHT of client is not the common model we can find in the market. So, the link between the UHT and our high position tank used to be a problem. As well as the juice return rate. Finally, after link a pipe between our high position tank and return tank, the rate of return juice is controlled well.


12000BPH juice filing line

Unluckily, our OPP hot melt glue labeling machine engineer had to come twice, because client have three shifts of the production line, but only one shift was able to handle the labeling machine well. The other two shifts engineer disturbed the labeler and they had to call back our labeling machine engineer to fix the machine well. At the second time, our engineer work ed day and night to teach all the engineers well.


Though the procedure is not that perfect, we still had a good ending and handled a satisfying paper to Goknur.


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