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Film, Carton, Half Tray with Film.... Which Package do You Prefer?

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As is well known, the final process of the beverage filling and packaging line is the shrink wrapping machine. PE film is the most common seen in the market while other packages are also popular especially for Cans and glass bottles. Sunswell is able to offer all of those packaging method machines with various capacity.

materials of packages

1.    Only Film

This series machine has been designed for no tray, no cardboard case, packing with low cost in the operations, it is widely used in food, beverage, chemical and office industries. We have the capacity of 10 packs/min, 25packs/min and 40packs/min.

only film packaging machine

2.    Pad +Film

Specially designed for packaging style glass bottles, cans, cups with carton slip. With full automatic functions of bottle transfer and arrange, membrane packing, sealing and cut, shrinkage, cooling and shaping, etc. Capacity ranging from 8 packs/minute to 35 packs/min.

pad film packaging machine

3.    Tray+ Film

This machine is used to pack bottles with carton tray with film wrapped. Bottles gather in buffering conveyor and then being divided into the columns and lines client needed. Bottle grasping part grasp the bottles and putting into the carton tray, then conveying, film wrapping, seaming, pressuring, shrinking and cooling to finished packages.

tray film packaging machine

4.     Wraparound Carton

This equipment consists of bottle inlet, bottle distribution, carton pumping, folding ,adhesive spraying, pneumatic and electricity control. Meanwhile, the carton pumping system deliver the carton below the bottles. Then the bottles will be finally perfectly wrapped by the folding and adhesive spraying system.

wraparound carton packaging machine

Sunswell is always by your side, managing to offer you best solution according to your inquiry.

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