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Easy Operation 3,000 Beer Filling Line to Kenya

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Thanks for Kenya customer trust, we have many years cooperation in business and this is the third beer filling line we design for him. Our equipment did not disappoint everyone. Now his beverage products are sold everywhere in the market.

Kenya is still the primary focus of all adventure travel in Africa. It is one of the finest--and undoubtedly the most famous -- safari destination in the world. Safari, however, is by no means the only reason to visit Kenya, for the attractions of its rich culture and diverse environments are considerable.

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After 65 days production and commutation were perfectly finished, we are honored to deliver to our customer of Beer Filling Line as follows:

  • 12-12-4 Beer Filling Monobloc

  • Cap sorter

  • Bottle conveyor

  • Sticker labeler

  • Shrink wrapping machine

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Adopting the way of filling by holding the necks of the bottle, plus the function of pre-cover of the centralizing cover with high precise centralization, which ensure the right seating of mouth of the bottle and filling valve, with low liquid loss.

sunswell machinary

Sunswell Machinery is leading edge technology for giving the most suitable machines, we are not only sell machinery, but also sell our brand and service.


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