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Differences Between Packaged Drinking Water in the Market

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Natural mineral water, drinking natural water, drinking distilled water, pure water, mineral water, there are so many drinking water species in the market, what is their difference?

Natural mineral water

Natural mineral water is underground mineral water formed under specific geological conditions and existing in a specific geological structure rock formation. It has a rich mineral content that is beneficial to the human body. As the quality water source is scarce, so the price of water is relatively high.

Drinking natural water

Natural water is made of surface water or underground spring water, well water, mineral water, etc. as raw water, not tap water in the city. Through quartz sand, activated carbon, UF, the trace impurities and harmful substances contained in the raw water are filtered out, while retaining the nutrients beneficial to the human body.

Drinking distilled water

Distilled water is actually the water formed by distilling water and then condensing, which is simply a small water droplet formed by liquefaction after the water boils. There is nothing inside the water even minerals. Some consumers consider it not good to health, while the suppliers confirmed us that all the nutrition our body meeds can be got from food.

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Drinking pure water

Pure water, as its name implies, is pure water, contains no impurities or bacteria, contains no organic pollutants, inorganic salts, additives, etc. It uses one-stage Ro or two-stage RO Membrane to purify natural water. Purify, remove substances harmful to the human body in the water, and finally fill them in containers. Pure water is one of the most common bottled drinking water in the market.

Mineral water

Mineral water is actually adding some trace elements needed by the human body to pure water. The usual mineral water is the use of tap water in the city as raw water after processing then add some minerals. Although it has a certain help to the human body, some artificially added minerals are not well absorbed by the human body, and the mineral content is relatively simple.

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