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Complete Glass Line From Sunswell Helps Customer Reap Opportunities In The Premium Segment

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Global customers, particularly the giant industries in the mineral water production sector are already opting for the new complete water filling line from Sunswell. This is a response to the growing demand for quality bottled water, especially in Africa and the American continent. Sunswell has played a crucial role in this regard with their unrelenting effort in various areas such as bottle qualification, active supply of the water filling machine requirement and the delivery of the water solution.

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Sunswell, with their many years of experience in the sector and as a complete water solution provider, helps to lower the overall energy consumption as well as the total costs of ownership.

Since 2011, there has been a significant increase in the demand for premium water filling in the global bottled water market. Such yearly increment in both volume and revenues has been traced to certain factors such as the search for functional bottled water, the modern consumer’s changing lifestyle as in the demand for a more portable water, and the lack of healthy public water facilities in most parts of the world especially in Asia and Africa.

So far, there has been an exponential growth in the bottled water filling market as many customers keep drifting from the conventional tap water source to the more convenient bottled water. Many people are already demanding for products with added qualities such as flavor and one with more added health benefits. This growth in demand and need for added flavor gives rise to increasing product differentiation where producers are already launching products that provide customers with better taste.

Sunswell, with their reputation in the global market, has a team of engineering experts who have been pivotal in the design of the new complete glass line in various water plants in Asia and many other countries far from the continent. They have also continually ensured that the products are both hygienic and safe for consumption and offer good organoleptic properties. Their team of trained engineers have also helped in the brilliant installation of the line in various plants.

With their long-standing packaging capabilities, Sunswell offers custom services to most plants. They can help water plants design an elegant and sleek lone standing shelf glass bottles without compromising the line active performance. That is part of the services customers can expect from the globally known water filling machine supplier. This is coming as a huge breakthrough for those water plants with special demands. Suh demands include type of bottle labels, more aesthetics and more. At least, they can count on their ability to significant change their production efficiency.

There is no doubt that Sunswell’s effort is geared towards helping customers reap opportunities in the premium segment as they help to increase production efficiency while ensuring high level of precision and stability in the production process. 

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