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Brief Introduction of Aseptic Filling

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Aseptic filling equipment

Aseptic filling refers to the filling of the product under aseptic conditions. When filling under aseptic conditions, the parts of the equipment that may cause microbial contamination of the product remain sterile, so it is not necessary to add preservatives to the product, and it is not necessary to perform post-sterilization after filling and sealing the product. Meet the requirements of long shelf life while maintaining the taste, color and flavor of the product.

aseptic liquid filling production line

To begin with one question, there has been so many filling methods, why we use aseptic filling? It's an advantage mainly reflected in the aspect of product.

v  Acidity of the product --- Aseptic cold filling has a wider range of products, such as mixed tea, milk tea, pure milk and protein-containing beverages.

v  The flavor of the product --- Filling under normal temperature condition, minimizing the heating time of the beverage, the product has little vitamin loss and rich nutrition, and keeps the original taste of the beverage product.

v  Additives for the product --- Without the use of preservatives and any other additives, the product can have a better freshness, and the natural taste and color of the fruit can be restored to the utmost extent.

v Cost of the product --- Compared with hot filling, the cost of packaging materials can be reduced by 1/2-1/3, which is conducive to competition in the market.

v  Appearance of the product --- Because of filling at room temperature, the bottle type is not monotonous like the hot-filled bottle to prevent the bottle from being deformed by heat. The company can freely design the bottle type, enhance the brand image of the company and improve the market competitiveness.


Sunswell is one of the leading suppliers in China which is able to manufacture the real aseptic filling machine.

details of aseptic liquid filling machines

The composition of the Sunswell aseptic filling line:

v Empty bottle PAA sterilization, rinsing system, aseptic system for aseptic filling and capping

v  Cap sterilization system

v  Environmental pollution control system

v  A series of process systems, able to provide qualified necessary fluids (water, gas, materials)

v  The microbiological barrier ensures the sterility of the filling area, and a glove unit is placed at some important locations around the machine to ensure that the equipment is operated without damaging the sterile environment.

v  Applicable products: NFC fresh fruit juice, milk, etc.

    Applicable containers: PET bottles, glass bottles, metal cans, etc.

    Filling principle: Weighing filling, flowmeter filling

    Filling temperature: Room temperature

    Production capacity: 10000BPH-36000BPH


Sunswell with more than 10 years experience and advanced technology, is professional for liquid packaging machinery. Welcome to contact us for more product information.

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