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Automatic Beverage Filling Machine is An Important Part of Packaging Machinery

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Under the premise of ensuring quality, technology and timeliness are the goals pursued by each industry. The technical level of the machine includes quality and efficiency, so the more advanced the technology, the more popular it is. Automatic beverage filling machine is an important part of packaging machinery. It operates automatically during the entire filling process and has a fast filling speed.

When is flexible packaging used?

It is a common packaging especially in food and beverages. For example, some jelly and pulp beverages are commonly used soft packaging forms. They have been pinched for a long time and are convenient to use. They are a new type of beverage packaging container that has emerged in recent years. In order to adapt to its future use, many automatic filling equipment manufacturers have professionally designed flexible packaging quantitative filling machines. Not only the filling speed is fast, but also the precision is high and the applicability is strong.

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What are the special filling properties of beverage automatic filling machines?

For a better filling experience, the shape and material composition of the body and starter parts are all advanced smart products. Reliable quality, strong stability, long service life and low failure rate. Filling technology can be applied in the specified filling range, it can automatically adjust the anti-seepage and has a strong use force. Beverage automatic filling machine manufacturers have received a lot in the market, the difference lies in the technical differences.

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What are the salient features of an automatic beverage filling machine? 

1. The machine has two synchronous filling heads, which can fill materials quickly and accurately. 

2. The contact part of the material is made of 316L stainless steel. 

3. Easy to adjust, no filling, accurate filling volume, counting function. 

4. Anti-drip wire drawing filling head, anti-foam product filling and lifting system, positioning system, liquid level control system to ensure bottle mouth positioning. 

5. Automatic filling, high filling accuracy, can adjust the filling volume and size arbitrarily according to different specifications of containers, can be equipped with automatic assembly line.

Blowing Filling Capping Combiblock

Process of automatic beverage filling machine

Above the beverage filling machine is a constant pressure liquid storage tank (material box), which has two liquid level sensors separated by SCM. It controls a rotary steam valve for material level control, which keeps the liquid level stable. The bin is connected to 16 filling heads. The filling head is controlled by a steam valve. By controlling the opening time of the steam valve, the control dose is reached. Its accuracy is guaranteed by a selection of high-quality components and software. The conveyor motor is controlled by a frequency converter, and an optical fiber sensor is set at the bottle-feeding position to detect the number of bottle feeding. When 16 are detected, the conveyor motor stops, the cylinder at the bottle exit extends to block the empty material bottle, and the cylinder at the bottle entry also extends and no longer enters the bottle. At this time, the filling head is lowered to the bottle mouth, and the time input by the touch screen is controlled by the PLC to open the steam valve on the filling head for filling.

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