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Aluminum Can Filling Machine


Application: soda water,juice, tea, energy drinks, beer, carbonated drinks, beer,etc.

Suitable for: aluminum can, pop can and PET can

Filling system: gravity or isobaric filling

Production capacity: 2,000CPH–18,000CPH (500ml)
Introduction of aluminum / pop can filling machine
Main components of the can filling line are rinsing, filling-seaming monoblock, tunnel sterilizing machine and conveying system. The key machine is filling and seaming monoblock which synchronizes with filling machine. The liquid level is stable and the oxygen content is decreased. Through a few simple adjustments, it could handle different cans. The special structure sealing roller could be adjusted according to can’s size. 
As the can is easy to get deformed, soft treatment is needed in the transferring process. The conveying system regulates the transferring speed according to the each machine’s working condition to assure no can falling or crashing occurs.
Equipment structure of aluminum / pop can filling machine
Rotary carbonated filler or hot filler
Rotary seamer
Bottle infeed and outfeed system

Can Filling

Model BGF12/1 BGF18/4 BGF24/6 BGF30/8
Capacity (CPH/250ml) 2,000 9,000 12,000 18,000
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