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Wine Filler With Ropp Capper and Corker in SUNSWELL

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The process for bottling wine is largely similar to that for bottling beer, except wine bottles differ in volumes and shapes. Traditionally, a cork is used to provide closure to wine bottles. After filling, a bottle travels to a corking machine (corker) where a cork is compressed and pushed into the neck of the bottle. Whilst this is happening, the corker vacuums the air out of the bottle to form a negative pressure headspace. This removes any oxygen from the headspace, which is useful as latent oxygen can ruin the quality of the product via oxidation. A negative pressure headspace will also counteract pressure caused by the thermal expansion of the wine, preventing the cork from being forced from the bottle. Champagnes and sparkling wines may further be sealed with a muselet, which ensures the cork will not explode off in transit. Alternative wine closures such as screw caps are available.


10,000BPH 1liter Wine 48- 8- 12 Filler - Ropp Capper - Corker which under commissioning ready to deliver to customers.

Details as follow:

0,000BPH 1liter Wine 48- 8- 12 Filler

Ropp Capper 1

Ropp Capper 2


SUNSWELL Machinery have more than 10 more years experience in Wine Filler,if you have any requirements or questions, feel free to contact us!

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