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Why Don’t You Purchase Blowing-Filling-Capping Combi Block

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Here is coming a good news!Sunswell Liquid Packing Machinery has developed a new 3 in 1 filling and packing machine which is called High speed Blowing-filling-capping Combi Block,this kind of machine can be used to fill and pack sparkling water,fruit juice, carbonated drinks,etc.

 high-speed blowing filling capping machine.png

Let’s see some outstanding features of this blowing-filling-capping combi block


High efficiency: 1,800 BPH/cavity (500ml water bottle).


Double blowing system. Monitoring pressure change curve of each cavity during bottle forming and providing accurate timely parameters, easier for operator to regulate technical parameters and ensure quality stability.


Air recycling system may save compressed air by 30-50%.


Adopt cam organism and accurate mechanical arm transferring technology with high speed preform and bottle feeding, avoiding contamination.


Cam organism controls mold opening and clamping precisely with special mold clamping boost system and firm mold shelf structure; independent control of blowing parameters of each cavity; malfunction diagnosing function; enhanced neck sealing stability; regulating blowing pressure; stretching bar controls accurate preform axial stretching and 1st / 2nd blowing controls vertical stretching; regulating of 1st / 2nd blowing precisely ensures ideal distribution of bottle wall thickness.


Technical parameters like heating temperature and blowing time can be set according to different preforms and bottle design.


Fast mold changing (within 2 hours) reduces stop time and increases production efficiency.


Integrated with different gravity filler or isobaric filler, suitable for production of still water or carbonated drinks.


If you want to purchase a water bottle filling and packing production line,why don’t you purchase Sunswell 3 in 1 combi block?

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