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What Inspections Should Be Done Before Running Mineral Water Equipment?

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In recent years, the application of ultrafiltration technology has become more and more widely used in various fields of society, and mineral water equipment is just the application of this technology. Therefore, mineral water equipment has become a sought-after object, but users must fully understand the performance and characteristics of the equipment before using the mineral water equipment, to ensure that the effluent water quality is higher and the service life is longer. The following we will take you to see what inspections are needed before the mineral water equipment is operated.


1. Water quality inspection



Influent water quality inspection, the focus is to check the turbidity, when the turbidity is within the range of water requirements of the ultrafiltration membrane module, it can be put into the mineral water equipment, second is other water quality indicators.


2. System inspection


According to the process inspection, to check whether the installation of each equipment in the system is correct, whether the pipeline connection is correct, and whether the valve is opened normally. Special attention should be paid to the manual operation system. When the water inlet valve is half-opened at the start-up, the concentrated water valve and the water production valve should be fully open to avoid the sudden increase of instantaneous pressure and water intake, which will cause impact on the ultrafiltration membrane. The system can be started up after confirming that the equipment is installed correctly and the piping and valves are in good condition.



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