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Want to Know More about Hot Glue Labeling Machine?Come On

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A few Days ago, we got the fifth order of a 36,000bph hot melt glue labeling machine with 4 labeling station from our South Africa client Ivanov, who owns a big plastic company mainly manufacturing empty labeled bottles for small industries. This manifests that our BOPP hot melt glue labeling machine are definitely worthy of purchase! And by the way, high-end market is always our pursuit as a professional bottle labeling machine manufacturer.

Hot Glue Labeling Machine Image

automatic hot glue labeling machine.png

BOPP Hot Glue Labeling Machine Features

♦ User-friendly touch screen, simple and intuitive, full-featured, with extensive online help function

♦ Send standard system using the German high-speed servo motor and controller, to ensure that the high-speed delivery standard and cut the target accuracy, stability

♦ Main motor adopts imported super power motor to ensure the machine running stability and maneuverability

♦ German label color detection electric eye, improves the accuracy of the standard

hot glue labeling machine design.png

♦ Perfect run protection system can be realized, such as the lack of standard, drain stickers, lack of bottles, card bottle, temperature detection, lack of air pressure shutdown alarm

♦ As a result of the rotary die positioning labeling methods to ensure the accuracy and stability of the labeling of seal

♦ Siemens and other world famous brands imported electrical components, to ensure lasting stability and reliability of the machine

♦ equipment reserved online interface functions, and on-line to facilitate the production of other equipment

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Advantages of Hot Glue Labeling Machine

Compared with self-adhesive labeling machine and shrink sleeve labeling machine,the BOPP hot glue bottle labeling machine also has the following advantages:

Clean. Contrary to the other processes with solvents, no dispersing agent is necessary for hot melt. It limits waste, emissions of volatile chemicals and makes it possible to save energy during the coating of the adhesive.

Rapid, precise, durable. Hot melt adhesives dry quickly and their strong adhesiveness allows for precise positioning of the label. The label will be durable and solid, whether it’s on glass, plastic or metal. Even on the most complex surfaces, the adhesive is rather strong so that the label remains in place. These adhesives are also resistant to heat, cold and water.

Invisible. “Hot melt” can be made to be transparent and therefore almost invisible on the product. Farewell to old glue that dulls the appearance of your packaging!

Approval. As these adhesives are not made from chemical solvents, they can be approved by the FDA, for example, and are safe when in contact with food.

For this hot melt glue labeling machine, we have capacity ranging from 5,000 to 30,000bottles/hr. Welcome to consult!

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