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Victoriously returning from Pakistan 3P Exhibition

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Pakistan has improved the confidence of foreign investors through actions taken for betterment of security and continuous economic growth. This event is organized by the FAKT Exhibitions, have participation by 300 companies from all over country and abroad for 15 years. 3P means plastic, printing and packaging sectors.


Sunswell is one of the exhibitors to show our great interests in Pakistani markets.


Howie and Tracy represented Sunswell to exhibit our profession, our hospitality and our rich experience in Pakistani market. Our highlight to this market is blamed to the following points:


1. The good business relationship between Chinese and Pakistan.

The world is in a period of turmoil, economic downturn and stagnation. The One Belt And One Road initiative provides practical solutions to solve economic problems. Pakistan has also benefited from China's economic development and the One Belt And One Road initiative. At present, China is Pakistan's largest trading partner and foreign investor. Since the signing of the china-pakistan free trade agreement in 2007 and the launch of the china-pakistan economic corridor in 2013, bilateral trade and investment have increased significantly.

2. The amount of Pakistan clients we entertained in Gulfood Dubai last year is growing.

At the Dubai show, the number of our Pakistani clients has grown steadily, and we have seen a huge future for Pakistan's water bottling industry. At the same time the Pakistani clients cooperated with us, and we had a good time in the communication of the products. The Pakistani customers also trust our product quality and are satisfied with our professional service, and we will have more cooperation in the future.

3. Some big projects are discussing with Pakistan clients. We visited them face by face after the 3P exhibition.

In this 3P fair, the biggest reward we got is the business contract from Mr. Tahir of a 30,000BPH blowing-filling-capping Combi Block for bottled water business, the Combi Block removes bottle washing to save factory space, air conveyors and energy. Mr. Tahir has visited Sunswell factory twice before, he came to our booth for final discussion before sending us the deposit. 

Bottle filling and capping machine is one of our hot-selling products.Pet bottle capping machine has dual blow system to ensure the stability of quality. Adopt CAM mechanism to avoid environmental pollution. Depending on the design.Technical parameters like heating temperature and blowing time can be set according to different preforms and bottle design.We have confidence to produce Professional machines and good service.

Pakistan 3P is our first station of the exhibition road of 2018, our step stop will be in Peru during May 23~26. See you then!

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